Transformation: One

I’ve been living in Santa Fe for almost two months. Long enough to start noticing that all my friends don’t live here.

Several have already come to visit. And, I do have some new friendly New Mexico acquaintances.

Still, as much as I’m loving my new life and my new home . . .

So, I wrote a piece about it . . .



I thought I was alone.
I felt alone.

I am One.
Even the words
alONE and lONEly
include ONE.

Not the one that is
the loneliest number.
Rather, ONE that is ALL.

There is only ONE.

Looks suspiciously like

So much for lonely.
Perhaps impossible
if seen from this ONE perspective.

Ah, the blurry line of reality.

And still

You gotta love what this Land of Enchantment does with a typical thought like, “I feel lonely”!!!

Post your comments, insights and progress below.


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