What Deception Wants to Set You Free?

The moon was at her fullest last night. According to astrologer Divine Harmony, the planet “Neptune is dominating the sky right now,” giving us the opportunity to discern where we have been deceiving ourselves.

The full moon working her magic over my home in Lamy, NM! June 2, 2015

The full moon working her magic over my home in Lamy, NM!
June 2, 2015

I normally wouldn’t write about astrology because it’s not in my realm, and I am writing about it now because it’s already had a profound impact on me. Thank you, Gina Garris, for sending me the blog post a couple of days ago. After I read it, I was moved to say a quick prayer, “Dear God, please show me where I have been deceiving myself.”

Then I forgot about it.

Yesterday, I was working with my business coach and he said something about there being a disconnect between my ability as a coach and my desire to coach more people. In a moment, I had an insight about where I had been deceiving myself since childhood, through three marriages and several other romantic relationships and how that all related to this disconnect in my business. And then I could feel the disconnect dissolve.

Well, my prayer had been answered in less than 24 hours. This is an issue I have been trying to resolve for 30 years!

So, I wanted you to have the same opportunity, if you would like . . .

And, stay tuned, in the next few weeks I will share more specifics about new coaching offerings and how perhaps I can serve you!

If you’d like to read Divine Harmony’s blog post about this full moon, visit her blog.

I would love your thoughts and responses. Post comments and insights below . . .


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