Why Do I Resist “Thy Will, Not My Will?”

I’m becoming more and more aware that “my way” doesn’t always work out so well. Yet, I still want to be in control. So I resist turning over areas of my life to The Power So Much Greater Than Me.

It’s easy for me to tell you I don’t know what God’s will is in this situation. So, I’d better figure something out. But here’s the thing. When I meditate and pray, I DO receive answers, guidance and direction.

And, even more miraculously, as I’m struggling to work something out, I look up to see that it’s already handled. A client needs to reschedule at just the right time, my sweetie offers a solution that wasn’t even on my radar, or the morning turns out be cool enough that I can walk even though I thought it was too late and too hot.

Why Do I Resist "Thy Will, Not My Will?"
A pretty clear sign, on the road to the Taos Ski Valley, to keep my eyes lifted to the heavens!

This being both human and Divine is super tricky. The human (read: ego) part of me wants to be in charge. And, the Divine keeps patiently beckoning …

Thank you for reading this far. Sharing this with you lessens my resistance. When I’m finally willing to loosen my grip, I do love listening and allowing the Divine Plan to unfold …

What about you? What helps you live more from your Divinity? What helps you follow God’s plan?

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2 thoughts on “Why Do I Resist “Thy Will, Not My Will?””

  1. Bill, great to hear from you. And, thank you for the reminder of Christ’s own struggles and that with God’s Grace nothing is impossible. I am paying attention more to when I do see God’s hand guiding me!

  2. Greetings Ann, Thanks and so pleased you raised this one which I think is the most difficult for any of us who attempts to stay ‘tuned in’;
    I get strength and encouragement from Christs own struggle and the affirmation that in Gods Grace…Nothing is impossible!
    I do my best and leave the rest, as the saying goes..afterthought it is interesting how many times I have shared a concern, only to find myself back in the plan again and a blessing to the confident.
    Thunderstorms here just now in UK xx


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