Why Do I Resist 'Thy Will, Not My Will?'

I’m becoming more and more aware that “my way” doesn’t always work out so well. Yet, I still want to be in control. So I resist turning over areas of my life to The Power So Much Greater Than Me shazam pc kostenlos download.

It’s easy for me to tell you I don’t know what God’s will is in this situation. So, I’d better figure something out. But here’s the thing vcds for free. When I meditate and pray, I DO receive answers, guidance and direction.

And, even more miraculously, as I’m struggling to work something out, I look up to see that it’s already handled dxf downloads kostenlos. A client needs to reschedule at just the right time, my sweetie offers a solution that wasn’t even on my radar, or the morning turns out be cool enough that I can walk even though I thought it was too late and too hot herunterladen.

Why Do I Resist "Thy Will, Not My Will?"
A pretty clear sign, on the road to the Taos Ski Valley, to keep my eyes lifted to the heavens Download magix xtreme foto designer 6 for free german!

This being both human and Divine is super tricky. The human (read: ego) part of me wants to be in charge. And, the Divine keeps patiently beckoning …

Thank you for reading this far minecraft kostenlos ohne herunterladen. Sharing this with you lessens my resistance. When I’m finally willing to loosen my grip, I do love listening and allowing the Divine Plan to unfold …

What about you herunterladen? What helps you live more from your Divinity? What helps you follow God’s plan?

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2 comments to Why Do I Resist “Thy Will, Not My Will?”

  • Ann Strong

    Bill, great to hear from you. And, thank you for the reminder of Christ’s own struggles and that with God’s Grace nothing is impossible. I am paying attention more to when I do see God’s hand guiding me!


    Greetings Ann, Thanks and so pleased you raised this one which I think is the most difficult for any of us who attempts to stay ‘tuned in’;
    I get strength and encouragement from Christs own struggle and the affirmation that in Gods Grace…Nothing is impossible!
    I do my best and leave the rest, as the saying goes..afterthought it is interesting how many times I have shared a concern, only to find myself back in the plan again and a blessing to the confident.
    Thunderstorms here just now in UK xx

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