Your Coaching Business: Charge What You’re Worth?!

Are you worth $10/hour or a 10 million dollar net worth?

This inquiry makes no sense.

It’s like asking if a sunflower is worthy of sun to help it grow and thrive.

How much sun?  How hot?  How many days of the week?  Which days?  More or less than neighboring sunflowers?  Are you kidding?!?

Your Coaching Business: charge what you’re worth – as a sunflower charges its worth?
Your coaching business: lessons from a sunflower!

If you’d like to enroll more clients, more consistently, then drop this connection between your fee and your worth.  Now.

Commit in this moment to knowing your intrinsic value and priceless worth.  

Commit to doing the numbers for your business to set your fee.  Make your fee an investment that calls your client to commit to themselves.

If you’d like support in living your commitment, we are calling a few courageous coaches to joining us in the small-group Thriving Coaches, Client Enrollment Immersion Program.

All the details and to apply . . .

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