Your Coaching Business: Get Out of the Office

This weekend I attended a one-day event in Boulder with one of my mentors, David Neagle, and one of his clients, Suzanne Evans.

They are calling it the More Life Tour.  Boulder was city number two of eight.  I highly recommend you attend one of the remaining.

The whole day is about helping coaches and other service professionals exponentially grow their businesses.

I was a little concerned that the low ticket price of $57 would mean a day-long, back-of-the-room sales fest.  They did sell at the back of the room AND they delivered fantastic, usable content.  And, I met some wonderful people – including David and Suzanne!

Ann Strong with David Neagle and Suzanne Evans - building your coaching business at the More Life event.

Ann Strong with David Neagle and Suzanne Evans at the More Life event in Boulder, Colorado.  July 31, 2010.

How fun to meet my online mentor in person . . .

Do something great for yourself, your business and those incoming clients just waiting for you and get yourself to one of these events.

Sign up today to be one of the first 25.  I did and the VIP reception was a fantastic Q & A with David and Suzanne – more than worth the price of admission . . .

Step out from behind the computer, dear one!

A question to ponder – ask yourself:
“Who would I need to be to exponentially increase my coaching business income?”  Ask yourself each morning upon waking and each evening as you fall asleep and listen for guidance. 

Take that new awareness to the More Life event that you attend.  I’d love to hear your experience . . .

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