Guidance and Clarity for Life and Work Transition

“I’m excited to start/grow this business.  And, I know it will be challenging.”

“Things have got to change, yet I feel stuck.”

“The worst has happened.  How do I move forward?”

“I don’t seem to know who I am any more.”

Whether your business is growing or transitioning, you’re experiencing grief around a loss, or you’ve had a happy change (rapid business growth, new romantic relationship, desired move . . .), change humbles us.

More gracefully navigate transition and change when you stand in your own wisdom, strengths and uniqueness.  Strong from Within.


Growth Support for Your Team
Direction for Forming a New Team

Imagine getting more work done, with less effort and more fulfillment.

Imagine everyone on your team working from their strengths, engaged with their people and projects and feeling valued for their unique contributions.

Imagine everyone on your team knowing they have the support of everyone else on the team.

Imagine understanding each other more and feeling frustrated less.

Sound too good to be true?  Not if you purposefully align your team with StrengthsFinder®. We specialize in StrengthsFinder® training for teams, as well as managers and leaders.

How delightful would the world be if we were each fully ourselves and contributing our unique genius to the planet?!?  I am here to support small business owners and their teams in doing just that . . .

Strong from Within Coaching