Small Business Coaching

Seasoned Mentoring for
Business Success, Your Way

Why would you try to make it on your own, when you could have a guide who has been a small business owner for 42 years? When I started my first business, there were no small business coaches. And yet, I knew I was born to have my own business. In many ways, I coached myself without knowing there was such a thing. I have a plaque hanging in my office that I made for my grandma when I was 15. It reads, “We are what we make ourselves.”

I started my first business with my sister and we divided the work based on what we were good at. Basically, she was the brains and ran operations. I was the hustle, made the sales, and brought in the work.

Today, with me as your coach, you have my successes and failures to draw upon. And you have my expertise based on working with more than 100 small business owners from a cupcake creator to graphic designers to restaurant owners to shop owners to new coaches.

I am here to help you see, own and walk the path of your genius so that your small business can be successful, based on what’s important to you. Do you want to make lots of money? Have time off as you like? Make a specific, important contribution? Work with the people you’d like to work with? 

I’m here to help you bring to life and grow whatever drives you …



Life Coaching

Guidance and Clarity for Life and Work Transition

“I’m excited to start/grow this business.  And, I know it will be challenging.”

“Things have got to change, yet I feel stuck.”

“I feel stuck, confused.  How do I move forward?”

“I don’t seem to know who I am anymore.”

Whether your business is growing or transitioning, you’re experiencing stagnation, frustration or loss, or you’ve had a happy change (rapid business growth, new romantic relationship, desired move . . .), change humbles us.

It’s possible to gracefully navigate transition and change when you stand in your own wisdom, strengths and uniqueness.  Strong from Within. I am here to support you in creating the life and work you desire . . .


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