The power of, “when two or more are gathered . . .”

“I founded Thriving Coaches in 2008 because I believe in the transformative power of coaching.  And it starts with us as coaches.  I’ve had 17 coaches myself since I became a coach in 1997.  I delight in the transformative power of an unbiased, external perspective and championing of me in ways I don’t tend to see myself.”
~ Ann Strong

I love serving as a mentor coach!  I’m particularly energized by serving as a mentor coach for fellow Strengths Coaches.  As I serve you as your coach, ripples of our work also serve your clients.  As we work from the foundation of our own strengths, we give the world the fullest, richest version of ourselves. 

We avoid the tragedy of the all-too-common tendency to imitate those we admire.  We let go of the erroneous thinking that “their system” is the way.  Instead, we embrace our own completely-unique, one-of-a-kind path of service.

When I serve as your mentor coach, it starts from the foundation of Strong from Within coaching.  At the same time, we significantly shorten your learning curve on all aspects of coaching and the business of coaching.  If you are looking for a highly seasoned (coaching since 1997, full-time since 1999), successful mentor coach with a strong spiritual foundation, I may be a great fit for you.

I am inspired to facilitate, witness, teach and coach coaches.  I adore this commitment to peeling away all that stands between you and your Self and your full expression!  Knowing that you, in turn, serve your clients from more of you makes me very happy!

If you’re feeling a nudge, let’s have a Coaching Conversation – my gift to you – to explore if we would be a good fit together, with me as your Mentor Coach . . .