Client Results

“I am so lucky to have found Ann Strong as a life coach and business coach. After having gone back and forth for months trying to get my ‘ducks in a row’ and figure out what to do next in my business, I finally realized I needed some advice and input.

Because of some emotional ‘hits’ I’ve taken over the past couple of years, I felt I was spinning my wheels. I realize that many of us cannot see our own situation when we are emotionally caught up in it. Sometimes it takes an outside ‘eye, ear and heart’ to help guide us on our journey. Ann is that person for me.

She is helping me fine-tune my natural skills and gifts and directing those in a way that helps me and my business. She helps to keep me ‘real’ and to see things in their proper perspective. And she does this in a very patient, kind, nurturing and spiritual manner. I feel she really listens to me and does it in a nonjudgmental way. I am so thankful for her guidance and encouragement. Thank you, Ann!”

Connie K.
Billings, MT


“Ann is a vessel of the Holy Spirit. On many occasions she has drawn out of me simple yet profound insights I was unable to grasp on my own. On one particular occasion, I was struggling with my reasons regarding a decision and she helped me discern it was a call from God. This was a pivotal point in my life which has lead me on a path of greater spiritual courage ever since… thank you Ann.”

Julie Colman
San Diego, CA


“Despite a few experiences working with coaches, I had not worked with a coach using StrengthsFinder. It has been epiphany after epiphany and genuinely changed my perspective, my thinking, and my approach to all facets of my life. I have really enjoyed working with Ann as she is equal part examiner and facilitator. She has helped me better think through my own thoughts, goals and direction. And, she has a subtle way of helping me get out of my own way to activate action. I certainly recommend working with Ann.”

Kevin Dell’Oro
Annapolis, MD


“Working with Ann has been a life-changing experience. At first, when I did my StrengthsFinder assessment, my strengths made sense, but I did not fully resonate with them.

Then, during a session with Ann, my life shifted. A light bulb went on, giving me permission to wholeheartedly be ME and to stop trying to fit into everyone else’s mold or to be something I’m not. As I continue to work with Ann and my strengths, my life gets richer and deeper with more appreciation for why I do what I do, and why no one else is like me. It’s beautiful to witness myself in all my glory.

If you are ready for a shift in your life, relationships or career, I encourage you to not only get your Top 5 Strengths, but to consider coaching with Ann. It will be beautiful to witness you in all your glory.”

Gina Garris, The Divine Connector
Facilitating Soul Connections ~ to your own and to others . . .
Denver, CO


“I’ve always known I’ve had a different outlook and felt out of place because I was the ‘crazy thinker’ in the room. Ann’s assessment provided huge insight into who I am and helped me embrace my uniqueness. By embracing my strengths I’m more focused and clear on who I am and what I’m supposed to do. I can’t thank Ann enough for such insight and support!”

Adam Halpern
Albuquerque, NM


“Ann is the perfect combination of insightful coach and writing/marketing mentor. She has saved me from myself more than once – I love working with her!”

Rolf Evenson, M.A.
Life & Leadership Mentor
Growing Leaders from Insight Out
Longmont, CO