Thriving Work:
a guide and companion on the journey
to your best self and best work . . .

Thriving Work

Evoking business clarity and confidence . . .

Whether we are just starting our business or taking it to the next level, our human nature tends to cause us to doubt or second-guess ourselves. The most potent remedy is counter-intuitive. Instead of striving for ‘perfection,’ committing to imperfect vulnerability, expression and aliveness naturally evokes radiant clarity and confidence.

Coaches, consultants, healers – and any other self-employed personal and business service professionals – will find Thriving Work serves as both partner and daily practice in ‘walking our talk.’ Thriving Work allows us to live out our commitment to our own transformation, as we partner with our clients in their transformations and that’s why we offer physical and digital books(PDF) which can be open with software as Soda PDF. And, this transformation does not limit itself to business. Thriving Work calls forth not only our best work, but also our most meaningful, fulfilling and happy life!

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“One part business coach, one part poetess, and one part priestess, Ann Strong has given us a transcendent new type of business book. Thriving Work serves as a guide for how to bring your divine human self fully to work.”
~ Suzi Pomerantz

Like no other business book, Thriving Work, includes:

  • 13 chapters to guide you step-by-step to grow your thriving coaching, consulting or healing business.
  • Workbook-style exercises at the end of the chapters to keep you accountable and on track.
  • 33 affirmative prayers to inspire and focus you toward choosing your best self, serving your clients and growing your thriving business.
  • 14 full-color visual meditations to support you in integrating and living the principles in the book!


 Celebrating Thriving Work

“Ann Strong’s new book, Thriving Work, is a breath of fresh air.  Strong guides the reader with a gentle hand, deep wisdom, and the powerful integration of practical business and spiritual insight. Brilliantly, you can now access the Divine within you through a workbook format and see how to infuse your business in real time with your highest self.  Strong has a unique gift to offer . . . she grounds the cosmos and uplifts the roots.  Masterful!”

Suzi Pomerantz ~ Suzi Pomerantz
Executive Coach and Author of Seal the Deal




“Thriving Work IS sacred space. Take a breath and enter it with Ann by your side. Each chapter is a powerful gift that will activate a desire to thrive and create. This book is an inspiring journey to your best self and a companion to keep you on track. Sprinkled with poems that touch the spirit, you will find that time may disappear as you are reading. Enter this sacred space and thrive.”

Peleg Top~ Peleg Top
Creative Mentor




“In the complex, demanding and often confusing world we live in, we need to keep great resources close at hand. Ann Strong’s new book, Thriving Work, is a treasure to keep right by your side. I am so grateful to Ann for the beautiful stand she takes for us to bring our work and our divine nature equally to the table. Perhaps we know this sometimes, but, man, do we ever forget it! And the strength and clarity this way of living brings is worth living for. Read her affirmative prayers out loud, over and over, whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from your work. Ann’s grounded, straight forward and wise guidance will lead you back to the land of thriving.”

Mary McHenry   ~ Mary McHenry
Coach, Singer and Author of
Stop Spinning Plates:
How to Lose Your
Balance and Become a Thriving Mother



“Ann Strong hits the nail on the head with Thriving Work.  I’ve long been a fan of her work and am thrilled that she’s offering her expertise in this book!  You can’t help but be inspired by her words, and implementing her suggestions will make all the difference in your business.  Thank you, Ann, for creating this for us all!”

Jeannette Maw  ~ Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach and Author of The Magic of
Pray Rain Journaling




“When it comes to working for yourself, you need a realistic, loving guide to working with yourself. Ann Strong’s book, Thriving Work, provides spiritually-grounded practices to help us astonish ourselves and the world. When life becomes overwhelming, Strong keeps it simple. She’ll keep you honest, clear and making empowered choices.”

Tama Kieves  ~Tama J. Kieves
Author of This Time I Dance:
Creating the Work You Love




“Ann Strong has written a book that blends the spiritual and experiential. Reading Thriving Work brings your senses alive. You will see and hear things that before you did not notice or listen to. If you want to come alive more fully as a human BEING, then buy and read this book today. Then pass it on to others, as there is no greater gift than being truly vibrant in life.”

Stephen McGee  ~Stephen McGhee
Executive Life and Leadership Coach
Author of Learning to Believe the Unbelievable:
Living Life as a Miracle Leader




From the Thrive chapter of Thriving Work

“What practices keep your body strong and healthy?  What activities nurture your clear, sharp mind?  What habits cultivate your open heart?  What ways of Being call your spirit to soar.”
~Ann Strong


Order your autographed copies of Thriving Work $21.95/book . . .

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