Transformation: Your True Resume

For years, I have been inspired and uplifted by a daily email called, “Notes from the Universe.”  If you aren’t already receiving it yourself, I highly recommend it!  Here’s my favorite from this week.

Reprinted from Notes from the Universe.
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Work Experience:
Created the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Special Talents:
Knows all things.
Exists everywhere, always, at once.
Capable of rallying legions.
Big time matter manipulator.
Spontaneous healer.

Unique Characteristics:
Worshipped, feared, and misunderstood by many.
Boundless lover of life.
Blazing insights.
Great sense of humor.
Cute, cute, cute.

Gosh, you’re right, we do have tons in common.
This could have been mine.

I’d hire you –
The Universe

Happiness: Twenty Seconds to Soul Nourishment

“I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul.”
– Toby Mac

These lyrics struck a chord for me the first time I heard them.  Toby Mac might have been talking about losing himself in fame and fortune.  For so many of my clients, I notice the tendency to get caught up in a never-ending “To Do” list which pushes out consistent spiritual nourishment that they know they “should” get to.

Since my life tends to become an unmanageable mess without consistent spiritual practice, I don’t try to get by with lip service much anymore!  One of my favorite aspects of making my spiritual foundation first: even when life seems dizzy-ingly complex and gaining the whole world feels like an enormous burden, I can feel peaceful in the eye of the storm.

If you find yourself in the “I should meditate for 30 minutes every morning” camp and you aren’t, would you be willing to consider baby steps?  Daily, consistent baby steps can move you back onto sane ground IF you stick with them.

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Soul nourishment – pausing in a moment to be truly present to the bounty of you and all that surrounds you; breathing it in; feeling the Earth beneath you . . .

Would you be willing to commit to five minutes of mediation before you get in the car in the morning?  Or to conscious, long, deep breathing when you are caught in traffic?  Or to reading a prayer each night before you go to sleep?  Say a heart-felt blessing before you eat?  Take 30 seconds to drink in a gorgeous sunset? Set a clear intention before a tough conversation? Post you most important top values on your fridge and read them once a day with new eyes . . .

The possibilities for this list are endless.  What helps you be present to your precious soul in this very moment?

Wow, maybe I’ll write a book, “Nourishing Your Soul, 20 Seconds at a Time.”  Thank you, Toby Mac.