How You Think About Life Quickly Becomes Your Life

“How you respond to life is your life.” – Tama Kieves From her new book, “Thriving Through Uncertainty: Moving Beyond Fear and Making Change Work for You”

Oh my goodness, take that in.

It’s so easy to imagine that if I change my circumstances, I’ll have a better life.

I did the research on this […]

How Do You Answer the Call of the Season?

This time of year endlessly fascinates me with the contrast of the natural call to go inward and the consumer call to run around out there.

I opted out of the consumer call almost 30 years ago.

And this year, because it’s been so warm and we haven’t yet seen our typical snow here in […]

What would you love to be freed from?

I’ve partnered with my new friend Jyoti, and I’m excited to share this timely opportunity with you!

I’d love to have you join us if you feel called.

Here’s how Jyoti describes our adventure . .

It is Time for a PURGE … RELEASE … LETTING GO … of ALL that is no longer […]

3 Quick, Awesome Ways to Dissolve Stress

Come to Mama When was the last time you laid on the ground? If you have to think about it, stop reading now, run outside and plop yourself down. Lay there and take in the support of Mother Earth holding you and the expansive infinity of the sky calling you. If your neighbors ask, “Are […]

How to Find Sanity in a Crazy Schedule

For the past few weeks, my life and work have been far busier than usual. In many ways, it’s felt uncomfortable. And at the same time, I am awed as I notice how much more capacity I have than I believed I had.

Because I tend toward introversion and require space and quiet to recharge, […]

How Do I Truly Experience Home?

I’m just back from a quick trip to Detroit to spend the weekend with my beloved niece, Alisha. For my whole life, I’ve preferred to drive to places rather than fly. I haven’t liked being off the ground, and I really haven’t liked feeling almost claustrophobic in a flying Greyhound.

Until this trip.

Something […]

Happy Autumn Pictures from New Mexico

For those of you who have listened to my talk at Celebration a few weeks ago, you know that my primary church is the great outdoors. Right now for me here in New Mexico, it is the Galisteo Basin Preserve. 13,522 acres of open space, 3 miles from my front door. To celebrate autumn, I […]

On the Scenic Road to Church

As I mentioned last week, I recently gave a talk at church.

From the Catholic church of my childhood, through Christian mysticism, Quaker meeting, Dances of Universal Peace, Unity churches, Kundalini yoga and communing with the natural elements, I shared my story of knowing that we are always held.

If you’d like to hear the […]

Relaxing into Ourselves . . .

Back in 1997 when I first became a coach, I loved the idea of helping people “make themselves better.”

Today, I see it a bit differently. We each already are so amazing. We don’t need to make ourselves better.

Can you imagine her thinking she were anything less than radiantly beautiful?

What I love […]

Mindfulness: From the Still Point

“Anything you do has a still point. When you are in that still point, you can perform maximally.” – Joseph Campbell

Last week, as I was driving through a notoriously challenging traffic crunch area on the highway, I accessed the still point of that particular spot. I actually slowed down to the construction speed limit […]