With Identity Shaken: Who am I?

“Who am I?”

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.

It’s been 8 months since I moved from Denver to Santa Fe and the shift in identity has been kicking my butt lately.

In the biggest, most cosmic sense, I am the unchanging and boundless radiant Light that I have always been and always will be.

In the personality, human sense, I’m judging myself for feeling less grounded and focused. I’ve noticed I’m starting to drive like I live in the country, without my aggressive city edge. I couldn’t decide if that was good or bad. And, then I got it: it just is. Neither good nor bad.

Do I really think I am how I drive?!?

The irony: Denver is my birth home and I moved to Santa Fe because New Mexico is my spiritual home.

Deep breath. Ah . . . my ego is having a tough time. Still wanting to control when my soul is letting go and surrendering.

Three of my clients are going through something similar. And none of them have moved. One is starting a business, another just began a romantic relationship when she had been sure she never wanted that again and the third formed a business partnership with a woman she adores and admires.

All of our changes are wonderful and positive, yet they shake up our identities, our egos. Ego doesn’t want to be shaken up.

I’ve found that remembering my True Identity really helps. I am not my ego, even if my ego is extremely committed to making me believe I am.

Ah, the challenge of being both Divine and human.
Gotta love Santa Fe art. Seen at the Shidoni Foundry
and Gallery in Tesuque, NM.

I leave you with this piece from my book:

All of Me, None of Me

Who I am is enough.

I allow my self-conscious,
limiting ideas
about myself
to drop away.

I accept and embrace my
fragile humanity
and my infinite Divinity.

I take myself lightly.

With bemusement and love,
I acknowledge my
quirks, inconsistencies and attachments.

With delight and love,
I acknowledge my powerful Presence.

I am. I am not.

I would love your thoughts and experiences.
Post comments and insights below . . .


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