Transformation: Not All Thinking is Created Equal

Even though Joy and Genius are intrinsic to us, they can seem outside our reach or sometimes non-existent. One of the biggest reasons: preoccupation with our thinking and what we’re thinking.

As human beings we have thinking as a distinction from other animals. Most of us clearly understand that our thinking sets us apart.  And yet, few of us seem to understand that we have the ability to “think” in two radically different ways.

Most of our thinking is repetitive, regurgitated and anxiety-provoking.  Did I lock the house?  Why can’t I seem to I get to work on time?  I’ve got to lose some of this weight.  What did he mean when he said . . . ?  I don’t ever seem to be able to keep track of the money in the account.  I don’t want to deal with my mother.  I’m sick of . . .  When will I get a handle on . . . ?  Why can’t I . . . ?  How am I doing? There I go again, me with my big mouth.  I hate . . .  I wish she would . . .  Isn’t it ever going to be my turn? 

Regurgitated thought.

And then, we have these wonderful, perhaps far too rare, moments of quiet mind.  Without the clutter of regurgitated thinking, we suddenly have a brilliant idea. Maybe while taking a shower, hiking through the woods, watching the ocean or playing with the kids or grandkids.  Handed to us as a treasured gem on a sparkling silver platter, straight from the Divine.  Often eliciting excitement and peace at the same time.

Inspired thought.

Lest you start to notice regurgitated thinking and start judging yourself for it, simply notice that the judgment is also regurgitated thinking. And smile.  Ah, to be human.

Some of my recent thoughts!
Some of my recent thoughts!

Awareness shifts everything.  Simply allow yourself to notice your thinking. What if you didn’t consider thoughts as your identity?  What if you were to consider thoughts like clouds, just passing through and always changing?  What if you didn’t take them seriously unless they inspired you?

To living our Joy and our Genius . . .

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Transformation: Are You Desiring the Delicious Feminine Way?

Note: Over the past several months, I have learned experientially that when I set out to teach others to free their own Genius and Godness, I first had to go through a spontaneous, unexpected metamorphosis of my own.  Thus, I have been primarily internal since the early spring, working with my coach and spiritual teachers.

I acknowledge that I did not keep my commitment to send these notes every other week during that time.  I am now, once again, committed to sending them at least every other week.  One of the many things I cleared during this “rebirth” involved a life-long struggle with fear of abandonment.
Indeed, we do teach what we most need to learn.

During this sacred time, I have cleared inhibiting, sometimes debilitating, internal mental chatter, which has freed space inside me for peace and joy most of the time.  Regardless of external circumstance!  This is new and miraculous for me.

This time has also clearly shown me the specific nature of my own Genius and Godness and guided me to create my business anew.

I will be teaching a new class in the autumn, both an in-person version here in Denver and a virtual version via conference call.  Stay tuned . . .

For now, I’d love to share with you my Proclamation Prayer that affirms my Essential Nature and my specific Genius and Godness.  May it nudge something deep inside of you . . .


This gorgeous dragonfly was resting on our front door one morning a couple of weeks ago.  I was mesmerized and so happy to receive it’s “medicine.”  The dragonfly represents the end of self-created illusions, allowing clear vision about the reality of life.  It’s iridescence symbolizes unmasking the true self and discovering abilities, thus removing doubts about identity.  I knew I was close to emerging from my cocoon.

The Delicious Feminine Way

Because I exist, I am worthy
of deep love and consistent support.
As an aspect of the Divine,
my thoughts, words and actions align
with my intrinsic value.
Well-being is my essential nature.

Without agenda, I extend myself
and generate connection everywhere I go.
I am open to synchronicity and flow,
finding my people and my people finding me.

I joyfully stand for each of us
showing up in our own Radiance,
freeing our specific aspects
of Genius and Godness.
My people respond to me
with clear knowing and deep appreciation.
Those who don’t, are served elsewhere.

I receive support for bringing everything
in my life to fruition.
Life often delivers in magical ways,
beyond my imagination.

Life beautifully cares for me
in every moment,
working through infinite channels. 
I am guided with every breath.
The wise, eternal part of me
knows how to experience
stability and safety in all situations.
And so I do.

And so I be.
And so it is.

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