The Good, The Holy, The Beautiful

“Every moment is a doorway through which the good, the holy, and the beautiful can be expressed . . .” From the book: The Way of Mastery – Part One: The Way of the Heart Shanti Christo Foundation

What does this mean to you?

Typically, I might start looking around me or noticing what I’m […]

How Do You Stay Calm in the Middle of Several Problems?

It’s been happening for five of my clients. It’s been happening in my life. We put out a fire in our personal life and two erupt in our business. It looks like we’re getting those under control, and then we have a health scare. We do what needs to be done for our health and […]

What Happens When I’m Willing to Release Control?

When I first moved back to New Mexico two and a half years ago, I created a wonderful, ever-changing art project for myself. I filled a white, ceramic, shallow, baking bowl with fine black sand and created a new Zen “rock garden” daily, or as inspired.

On my daily walks, I would notice which small […]

How Do You Restore Inner Peace? In Just a Few Minutes?

You may not realize this, but chances are good you already know the answer for you!

Let me tell you my answer, and then let’s explore yours . . .

A few days ago, several challenges occurred on top of each other, minutes before I was to meet with my next client on the phone. […]

What Is the Secret to Life-Work Balance?

Several of my clients asked me variations of this question in the last couple of weeks. Two are working full time and starting a new business in the evenings. One is scrambling to keep up with the unexpected rapid growth of her business. Another wants to be a better father. Yet another is grieving a […]

What If You Didn’t Believe Everything You Heard (in Your Head)?

Last week we looked at two types of thought: regurgitated thought and inspired thought.

When we don’t distinguish between the two, we tend to give all of our thinking the same weight. When we name regurgitated thought for what it is, we give ourselves the opportunity to take ourselves far less seriously, to quiet our […]

The Natural Organizing and Aligning of Life

I’m on the second day of a 40-day meditation for greater awareness of faith. What struck me this morning: how amazingly precisely things Organize and Align in my life without me doing it.

For example: many people don’t know that I chose my last name, Strong, in 1991. I was getting married for the second […]

Listening through Your Body

One of the core components of living Strong from Within involves developing and nurturing an intimate relationship with our body.

Until October of 2008, I didn’t know my body or listen to my body. I had no idea my body had wisdom to share.

Today, I know that my body always knows. My body doesn’t […]

Affirming New Ways of Being

I’ve never been sure about the whole affirmation thing.

On the one hand, I love affirming my good. “I am at my ideal weight.” “I consistently bring in more than $9,000/month.” “My wonderful guy is looking for me as I am looking for him.”

On the other hand, the affirmations more often than not sound […]

Positive mental attitude by releasing what doesn't serve (day 21)

Today is day 21 of my 21-day commitment to focusing on strengthening my spiritual foundation and sharing my process with you.

The time has flown by.

And, at the same time, I feel like I’ve always been in this process of strengthening my spiritual foundation. What that tells me: yes, I would love this to […]