Conscious Choice: How “What If” Could Alter the Course of Your Life

I recently learned that problem-solving triggers fight-or-flight.  Choosing to instead engage with “What If . . .” generates safety and creativity.  I have been playing with it myself to experience the truth.  I can feel it in my body. 

When I think, “This (whatever “this” is) is a problem and now I have to find a solution,” I feel anxious. 

I think thoughts like:

  • What if I can’t solve this?
  • I don’t want to make (fill in the blank) mad.
  • Why do I even have to deal with this?
  • This is too much trouble.
  • What if this snowballs into more problems?

You get the idea . . . 

Can you feel the anxiety or pressure building in your body as you read my thoughts?!?  Crazy.

If I instead, look at “What If . . .,” my body immediately relaxes.

I think thoughts like:

  • What if it’s better than I imagine because (fill in the blank)?
  • Maybe we could (fill in the blank).
  • What if I don’t do anything right now and allow this to resolve itself?
  • Maybe he meant (fill in a generous explanation, rather than the explanation that means I now have a problem).
  • What if all is well?  Right now.  Everything as it is.

I just took a deep breath.  Did you? Can you feel your body relaxing?   

As always, I invite you to share your own responses and experiences in the Comments section below.

To finding the amazing opportunity in every single thing we had previously thought of as a problem to be solved!

I love living life from a coaching perspective.

Discovering Your Way: What Keeps You From Being More You?

Has fear guided you to the safe path?
Is life now calling you to walk your own path?

The distance between the two is far less than you believe.

I’m here to partner with you
in taking courageous steps
on this sacred journey
to more of yourself . . .

Walking in your own shoes.
Living your purpose. Your passion. Your strengths.
Your work. Your business.

Here is a bit of what I know for you, hold for you,
take a stand for you . . .

  1. You are here on this planet for an extremely precise
    reason known as YOU.
  2. Your own path is safer for you than the “safe” path.
  3. You have precious, worthwhile gifts to offer. If you
    don’t offer them, no one else ever will.
  4. You are being called to create new daily practices that
    replace old, out-dated, habitual thoughts that are holding
    you back from being more of you.
  5. Your “confusion” no longer serves you.
  6. Your thought of “who am I to . . .” must be replaced with
    knowing and owning your brilliance and Divinity.
  7. Your brilliance and Divinity are more real than your fear.
  8. Your strengths are your way.
  9. Your excitement and enthusiasm will impeccably guide you.
  10. There is a line outside your door of people waiting
    patiently and impatiently to work with you!
  11. You are here to be with them in a way that makes their
    lives and work richer and fuller because they work with you!
  12. You must make your choices and create your own life and
    work from the specificity of YOU.

 I have created 7 gift “More of You” Coaching Strategy Sessions
between now and the end of the month.

Is one of these sessions yours?

If you know that you are now committed to courageously walking
your own path with your life and your coaching business, then
book your appointment on my online calendar now.

This session offer huge value. It is my gift to you.

You will leave the session with:

  • A clear picture of where you are now with your coaching business and where you’d like to be a year from now.
  • An understanding of what stand between where you are now and where you want to go.
  • Direction, excitement and next steps about what it takes to bridge the gap!

 And, I have an opening for two new coaching clients. If we
determine you and I would be a good fit for me coaching you,
we can talk about that at the end of the session.

To the joy that comes from
living and working
from more of all of you!


P.S. If you’re still reading and not sure if this session is
for you, take a stand for yourself and claim it now!

P.P.S. If you’ve had a gift Jump Start Session or a gift Coaching
Consultation with me in the past, please allow someone who hasn’t
received one of these gifts to do so. Instead, call me on my direct
office line to talk about working together if you feel called now.

Conscious Choice: Who to Be If Not You?

This week two of my clients discovered huge “shoulds” around being different than who they are.

“I did great last week when I was home every night.  I love being home and not having to go out.  This week several of my friends want to hang out.  I should go out with them, but I’d rather be home.”  As we talked, I realized that my introverted client felt she had to be more like her extroverted friends.

“My cousin lost weight on Weight Watchers.  My husband follows a high-protein diet and it works great for him.  I’ve tried both several times and I don’t lose weight.  What am I doing wrong?”  As my client spoke, I heard that she hadn’t found her natural way to lose weight.  She was slowing her progress to discovering her way by thinking that her cousin’s or her husband’s way should be her way.

Finding our own way is not as mysterious as we might initially think.  Does it energize and excite you?  Does it feel good to you?  Right for you?  That is your way!  No matter how different it is from what those around you are up to.

Does it drain you?  Feel like a burden?  Do you hear (actually or implied) “I should?”  That is not your way!

The specificity of you is never, ever to be repeated.  If you really, really knew that, how might you shift the way you do your life?

The specificity of you is never, ever to be repeated.  If you really, really knew that, how might you shift the way you do your life?

If you’d like more specifics and activities around this wonderful topic of being more you, then grab your copy of my book: Thriving Work: A Journey to Your Best Self.

And as always, I invite you to share your responses and experiences in the Comments section below.

To noticing when you aren’t allowing you to be you and then consciously choosing more of you . . .