Love Is

Love Is.

I can’t buy it, trade for it, beg for it, demand it or work for it.

Love Is.

I can open my eyes, soften my gaze, deepen my breath and acknowledge what is.

Love Is.

Opening my eyes, softening my gaze, deepening my breath and receiving the dynamic love of this sky […]

How Are You a Messenger of Love?

My Valentine’s gift this year opened my heart wider – to the glory of God. And, my sweetie and I shared that amazing experience. We both wondered if we were too old for an indoor arena concert, but choose to go see TobyMac live anyway!

It was crazy loud. And complete overstimulation for me. Quite […]

How Do We Know the Joy of Ritual?

“Thanksgiving kundalini yoga was phenomenal,” I texted my friend Gina. That tickled her and sparked her curiosity. What had made it extraordinary?

As I pondered it, I realized that ritual tends to help me experience my connection with others and all that is.

The yoga event raised money to stop sex trafficking. We did a […]

What Experiences Spark Joy for You?

I have been studying A Course of Love with fervor for the past few months. It has both taken hold of me and frustrated me. I hear the Truth of “Love is” and “Dedicate all thought to union” and I don’t always live it. I hear the call to completely drop judgment and I judge […]

What Opens Your Heart to Joy?

Recently, one of my coaching clients mentioned it was hard for her to keep her focus on what’s important to her. How often does that happen for all of us?

Especially at this time of year, it can be easy to slip into a whirlwind of activity or focusing on what’s missing.

If you’ve taken […]

Happy Autumn Pictures from New Mexico

For those of you who have listened to my talk at Celebration a few weeks ago, you know that my primary church is the great outdoors. Right now for me here in New Mexico, it is the Galisteo Basin Preserve. 13,522 acres of open space, 3 miles from my front door. To celebrate autumn, I […]

My Intertwined Paths to the Divine

Last Sunday, I gave a talk at church about my two intertwined paths to the Divine. The more formal, worship and body prayer path and the church of nature path.

The worship path From the Catholic church of my childhood, through Christian mysticism, Quaker meeting, a dozen Christian church field trips, Dances of Universal Peace, […]

Savoring the Uniqueness of What Sparks Joy

Recently I noticed I hadn’t been writing in my Gratitude Journal much. For years, I wrote faithfully every evening 5 or more things for which I felt grateful. I am appreciative by nature, and I wasn’t sure what to make of this.

I decided to let it be without trying to figure it out. Shortly […]

Evoking the Best of You: From the Archives - Outer Simplicity, Inner Richness

Circa: 1991

Thank you, Moreah Vestan, for asking for this postcard: Outer Simplicity, Inner Richness, 69 things you can do for yourself, for children, for neighbors, and for all inhabitants of planet Earth.

I wrote this piece in 1991. (I had to look it up!) I appreciate that you had a hard-to-read copy in […]

Guaranteed Gratitude

I have written about gratitude for the past 15 years at Thanksgiving. Many years, I have written about it at other times as well. I love it – appreciation is one of the strongest perspective changers that we have freely available to us. Today as I sat down to write, I wondered what would be […]