How Do We Know the Joy of Ritual?

“Thanksgiving kundalini yoga was phenomenal,” I texted my friend Gina. That tickled her and sparked her curiosity. What had made it extraordinary?

As I pondered it, I realized that ritual tends to help me experience my connection with others and all that is.

The yoga event raised money to stop sex trafficking. We did a yoga set that helped us claim and own our bodies. There were 50 beautiful souls practicing together. Talented musicians enhanced the experience. This was the 5th annual. I loved all of it.

I don’t decorate much for the holidays. Yet, on the evening of January 1, 2016, I took a field trip to the tiny town of Madrid, NM where the entire town lights up for Christmas. I was so enthralled and enchanted, that I came home, drug out Christmas lights that hadn’t seen the light of day for years and have yet to take them down.

How Do We Know the Joy of Ritual?

They bring me joy every day, reminding me of the magic of life.

What makes the holidays rich for you? Eating the same foods your ancestors ate on sacred days? Giving to those less fortunate? Singing the same songs every year? Rituals specific to your family? Inviting new people to join you?

As always, post your comments, experiences and insights below . . .

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4 thoughts on “How Do We Know the Joy of Ritual?”

  1. Hi Ann,

    We to can relate to those light set, ours have been up for years, a Star set from IKEA.

    But for me The Bells & Smells, songs and great food & wine often shared puts me in the zone.

    Peace, Thanks and best wishes,

    Bill & Jan x

  2. Your post has helped me rethink my relationship with ritual. Without actually thinking about it, I have taken for granted that I don’t do ritual much. And now, actually directing some attention toward it, I see that I am pretty ritualistic after all. When I had been away from The Celebration for a few months, for instance, I cried when the Candlelighting started. I set patterns and habits, and follow them.

    And, last night’s fundraiser basketball game may be the beginning of a new ritual of its own! We may even do it twice a year. We raised probably $2,500 for disaster relief in Puerto Rico, and had fun too.

    Thanks once again for helping me increase my awareness!


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