What Makes This a Good Life for You?

Recently, I noticed something that might seem obvious.

When we get to be ourselves, we tend to be happy.

This struck me after I coached two clients back-to-back. The first client is doing work she loves that really engage all of her strengths doing work she is passionate about. The second client is doing too […]

Strong You, Strong Work

In the past few weeks, I’ve needed more support than usual from my own coach. And, most of my clients have needed more support from me. One day last week, I received two frantic emails in one day. The subject line of one of them was: Help!

In the 20 years I’ve been coaching, I’d […]

Do You Have One of the 5 Powerhouse Strengths?

Recently, one of my coaching colleagues asked me about my observation of StrengthsFinder strengths that seem to have tremendous potential to both wreak havoc or make a huge contribution.

It was so much fun to share with her that I thought you might like to know – particularly if you have one, or more, of […]

2 Factors that Make a Strong Relationship

I’m in the middle of reading Strengths Based Marriage by Jimmy Evans and Allan Kelsey. The subtitle, Build a Stronger Relationship by Understanding Each Other’s Gifts, is an understatement.

In my own relationships and in working with many couples around their relationships and each of their StrengthsFinder strengths, I’ve found a profoundly deeper level […]

StrengthsFinder: The Precise Strength in Your Top 5

For years I’ve been curious about the brilliance, the genius, specific to each of us in our own unique combination of top StrengthsFinder strengths. I’ve occasionally glimpsed mine. I’ve often articulated to my clients pieces and parts of theirs.

Not until recently did I realize how many clues can be found in one of the […]

The Natural Organizing and Aligning of Life

I’m on the second day of a 40-day meditation for greater awareness of faith. What struck me this morning: how amazingly precisely things Organize and Align in my life without me doing it.

For example: many people don’t know that I chose my last name, Strong, in 1991. I was getting married for the second […]

A Strong from Within Interview

I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by Irma Vargas for the Be Your Own Leader Summit.

I talked about:

Aligning our internal StrengthsFinder strengths team by paying attention to our strengths within us. Focusing on consistently being and living our core values. Committing to daily practices that nourish our body, mind, heart and […]

How Do Your Strengths Influence What You Value about Coaching?

Coaching since 1997, I have noticed that we all hire coaches to help us create more fulfilling lives. The wonderful and fascinating thing about consciously creating our lives: there are as many ways to do it as there are people on the planet.

Perhaps that’s why we have so many types of coaching – from […]

Evoking the Best of You: Activated by Martin Luther King, Jr

Today is Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. Almost every year at this time I write about how he has influenced me.

While taking my Strengths Strategy Coaching certification course last year, my trainer and mentor DeAnna used him as a shining example of the best of the StrengthsFinder Activator strength. With Activator as my #4 […]

StrengthsFinder™: Who’s in Charge Inside You?

Any time we feel frustrated, overwhelmed or stressed, we have an opportunity to call forth different aspects of ourselves to feel calmer, more fulfilled and peaceful.

Recently one of my clients felt stressed because she’s transitioning into new work and her Strategic wanted to look at the many ways she could proceed. Before Strategic could […]