Shifting the Focus from Anxiety to Opportunity

In every crisis there is danger and opportunity.

Recently I realized that I was more focused on the danger and perceived danger of this world crisis. I know you, too, might be feeling anxious and not sure of how to proceed – in your life or in your business.

I’d like to share a super […]

Are You Struggling to Find the Genuine Gift in Grief?

Last year my client, “Dianne,” felt optimistic and hopeful that her daughter-in-law Serena could take over her business when she retired. They’d been moving in that direction for a few months when she realized she’d been looking the other way about how much Serena seemed to be drinking.

When Serena had an altercation with one […]

Transformation: Our 'Yes' to Rebirth

I tend to be a bit slow to embrace change so I’ve been clinging to an old life for more than a year. It’s been time to leave the romantic relationship I ended a year ago, deepen the nature of my coaching work and move to a quiet, spacious place (with far fewer people) where […]

Mindfulness: What’s Yearning to Be Discovered?

Happy gorgeous autumn!

I adore this time of year. When the light becomes more clear and the mornings and evenings are cooler, my mind slows down a bit. Almost instinctively, I reflect more in the mornings. It’s as if my psyche begins to take stock of what is in the storehouse and root cellar.

This […]

Conscious Choice: What Might Our Lives Look Like If We Refused to Align with Limitations?

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” – Carlos Castaneda

What might our lives look like if we noticed our misery and then consciously chose to move toward our strength?

What if, in those tough moments, we remembered that we are Infinite beings and we […]

StrengthsFinder™: Good to Great Enough

When does going for Excellence become a burden? All strengths have their dark side. The strength of Maximizer is no exception. I know this one from the inside, as it is my own number one StrengthsFinder™ strength. And, of course, I have served as a great match for dozens of clients over the years with […]

Creator/Owner Mindset: Naming the Glory of You

A few years ago, my coach at the time, Jeff Patterson, created an important distinction for himself to support him in expressing himself and his fullest contribution. He gave names to himself at the far ends of the spectrum of low expression and contribution and high expression and contribution.

Needy Man and Miracle Man.


Mindfulness: How Might Whole Use of Empathy Look?

Earlier this week, I passed my oral exam and officially became a Certified Strengths Strategy Coach! I’ve never been certified in anything before. So this is significant because of how strongly I believe in the value of going deeper with the Gallup StrengthsFinder™ assessment.

While all 34 strengths are created equal, a few seem to […]

Mindfulness: Why Am I So Happy?

In his new book, “The Millionaire Master Plan,” Roger Hamilton writes about his own practice for creating his day each morning. He shares eight questions that he asks and answers himself every morning.

I have been playing with his questions.

My favorite, by far:Why Am I So Happy?

This question presses me to find my […]

Find Your Strongest Life: Singing Me to Her

I remember a line from a song in the Dances of Universal Peace, “Mother Earth God, she is calling me . . .” and a line from the movie, Australia, “I will sing you to me.”

What would it take for me to hear Her song more?

Well, the New Mexico land sings me […]