I see with new eyes.

I see through the eyes of relationship and union.

I close the eyes of separation and judgment.

I live in the expectancy of revelation –

expecting the purpose of each experience to be revealed –

as I recognize that I exist in union with the Source and Cause of revelation.


I Am Love

Love is not something I do. Love is not something I get from you. Love is not something I give to you.

Love is who I am. Love is who you are.


As I feel into this, I notice my brain wants meaning. What does […]

What If We Love the Beautiful and the Mess?

A few weeks ago, after working with a client, I was reflecting on the messiness of being human. The piece below came forth. Yesterday, I was agitated about the messiness of my own life and thought it might be good to share this piece!

So, I’m not getting my work done as fast as […]

The Magic That Chose Me

As I feel this spine, As I feel this heart, As I feel this mind, As I feel this Spirit, I know the magic that chose me.

As I experience this present moment, As I experience this breath, I know the magic that chose me.

As I experience the strength of this spine, As […]

Heart Wide Open

Happy Gratitude! On the eve of our US holiday of appreciation, I give you this poem from my forthcoming book …

Heart Wide Open

Warm sun. Deep breath. Kitty purr. Coffee gurgle.

Soft eyes. Beating heart. Soft heart. Armor melted.

Open arms. Embracing all. Boundaries melting.

Open mind. Open heart. Quiet mind. Quiet heart.


The Source of Our Experience

Recently I had to sort out something between my doctor, insurance company and pharmacy. Not fun. I realized that the root of my frustration and anxiety was about feeling powerless.

While waiting for replies from them, this piece, Returning to Center, came to me. It reminds me that regardless of how it looks, I am […]

I Didn't Know How to Integrate

I’ve had a lot going on this week. New work. Meeting new people. Two emotional family situations. Spending time with a new man. More volunteering at church.

And then this poem for my new book came to me . . .

This guy seems to have mastered Settling Down.

Settling Down

Less thoughts. Deeper […]

Coming Back to Center

Earlier this week, I attended an Evening of Exploration at the Academy for the Love of Learning. We explored Coming Back to Center – Embodied Leadership.

One of the most profound things I learned involved not always being able to tell if I was present within myself while being present with another person. What an […]

Find Your Strongest Life: What Pattern Wants to Be Dissolved, Released?

Our Winter Solstice new moon brought us the opportunity to release old, unproductive patterns and step into our bigger truth and potential! (Thank you, Nancy Ogren.)

What pattern wants to be dissolved, released from your life?

Mine involves the faulty thinking that I can avoid abandonment by being attached. What I’ve noticed: this tendency to […]

Transformation: One

I’ve been living in Santa Fe for almost two months. Long enough to start noticing that all my friends don’t live here.

Several have already come to visit. And, I do have some new friendly New Mexico acquaintances.

Still, as much as I’m loving my new life and my new home . . .

So, […]