Santa Fe Weekend Retreats – choose:

– “Aligning with the Divine” spiritual retreat
    or “Strong from Within” personal retreat

– A one-on-one retreat
   or gather an intimate group of 2 – 4 women
   with whom you would like to share a retreat

All retreats facilitated by Ann Strong

Aligning with the Divine retreat

Deepening your relationship with God, with the Divinity of you
Focus: Listening

Imagine the comfort, clarity and confidence that would come with deep listening and hearing the Divine.  How might your life shift with a daily practice of deepening your listening?

•  As we more consistently view our lives from the perspective of the Divine, we dramatically reduce internal suffering.

•  As we increase our capacity to stay connected and aligned with the Divine, we become aware of the magic that is always present. 

•  As we courageously choose from our authentic selves, rather than fear, we live the charmed life that is naturally aligned with our authenticity.

Radical Listening

Breathing deeply,
I allow myself to move toward stillness.

Ah, the irony,
Moving toward stillness.

An awareness of how much
I am programmed to move and do
When my heart and soul call me to slow and still.

~ Ann Strong


Strong from Within retreat
Deepening your relationship with yourself based on
your StrengthsFinder strengths
Focus: Self Intimacy

How might your life change if you were able to more consistently respond, rather than react?  What if you experienced more choice in situations in which you had previously played out old ingrained habits and patterns?  Self intimacy frees us to become more present, enjoying deeper, richer and more meaningful lives.

•  As we embrace both the contributions and needs of our strengths, we reduce our internal struggle.

•  As we apply our own strengths first toward ourselves and then toward others, we give from a full cup.  Counter-intuitively, we create stronger relationships with others.

•  As we cultivate a strong, daily, internal relationship with our strengths, we create more capacity for ourselves and others.

•  As we become more intimate with ourselves, our self-awareness significantly increases our quality of life and overall well-being.

Strong from Within

Bringing alignment to the
internal struggle.

So many inner voices.
All with ideas and gifts
And needs.

Often competing.

Bringing alignment to the
internal struggle.



Orchestrating an
internal symphony.


Fully You.
Radiantly alive.
Gloriously messy.

Bringing alignment to the
internal struggle.

Strong from Within.
Fully You.

~ Ann Strong

About the facilitator, Ann Strong

In high school my two favorite classes were World Religions and Psychology.  Self-employed all of my life, all of my businesses have supported me and my clients in both greater self-expression and a deeper relationship with God.

In my late 20s, I started leading “Tapping Your Inner Power” retreats and publishing a spiritual newsletter, Taplight.  In my late 30s, I began offering spiritual business and life coaching to women business owners.  

Shortly after that, I took the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment and learned that my top natural strengths are: Maximizer, Empathy, Connectedness, Activator, Individualization and Strategic.  As I learned more and more about my strengths, I deepened my own relationship with the Divine by putting my Connectedness strength in charge of all the others.

I have written a book, Thriving Work, that includes 33 affirmative prayers. 

One of my greatest joys involves facilitating deeper spiritual awareness!

If you’d like the long version about me, visit the About page  . . .

All retreats are individualized to fit your specific needs and desires.
They may include:

–  Meditation
– Movement
–  Guided visualization
–  Coaching
–  Journaling
–  One-on-one retreat: includes facilitated time and spacious personal time
–  Group retreat: includes group time and spacious personal time 
–  Plenty of time for nature, contemplation and rest


Friday at 3 pm to Sunday noon
We will choose a weekend that works for everyone.
(If you’d like to play in Santa Fe before the retreat, come a day or two early.)

retreats in New Mexico with Ann Strong

Retreat investment

•  All retreats take place in my casita, nestled among the trees, under the wide open sky, just minutes from Santa Fe.

•  Each retreatant is responsible for their own food and lodging.

•  If you are flying, there are a few flights into the Santa Fe airport which is about 30 minutes from me.  The Albuquerque airport is a great option and is about 65 minutes from me.

•  I highly recommend you stay in an AirBnB in this area (Eldorado at Santa Fe/Lamy) rather than right in Santa Fe so that you receive the full retreat experience of being on the land, experiencing the spaciousness.  I am happy to help you find the accommodations that are just right for you.

$2,200 for a solo retreat
$1,800/person for 2 women on retreat together
$1,600/person for 3 women on retreat together
$1,400/person for 4 women on retreat together

10% of registration fees will be donated to Cody’s Fresh Start Charity Works, a non-profit organization supporting addiction awareness, effective treatment, and scientific research.


Which retreat is the best fit for you? Is this the time for you? Let’s have a conversation to discern . . .



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