Conscious Choice: Melt Stress Now: Breathe consciously and deeply

Then, we must begin to pay attention to our breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly, fully, consciously and deeply. Give yourself this enormous gift of life. As you breathe more deeply, you allow your body to relax and your mind to clear. With a relaxed body and a clear mind, you can gracefully handle whatever lies in front of you.

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Melt Stress Now: Surrender to what is.

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Conscious Choice: Melt Stress Now: Surrender to what is

Next, we need to completely surrender to what is.  Essentially we must accept what we have until now considered unacceptable.  We choose to accept it now because the pain of not accepting it has become too great.  We don’t have to like it, we simply need to quit fighting it.

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Melt Stress Now: Be here now.

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Melt Stress Now: Breathe consciously and deeply.

Navigating Change Successfully: Where’s Ann?

I have been a bit out of touch in the last couple of months as I am going through a huge personal transition.  Thank you so much to all of you who have asked what I’m up to and inquired about the Thriving Coaches roundtables.

Last May, I co-created a huge dream come true when I met my beloved, Gary.  In December, we started the process of merging our lives and households.  I was a bit naïve about how much time and focus it would take.

I’ve since learned that moving is the number two biggest stressor, second only to the death of a loved one. What I’m also experiencing is that merging lives requires far more than simply moving to a new address.

To make both of these huge changes with self-awareness and loving kindness, I have chosen to step away from some of my business as usual activities.  The other day, as I was organizing my new home office, I re-read one of the most powerful pieces I’ve ever written.  I wrote this piece the last time I moved.  That move also had an additional stressor of a fix and flip real estate investment that took a huge hit as the market changed in 2004.

I wrote the piece then less from my own knowing and more as dictation taken straight from Spirit when I told God, “I need some help.  I cannot do this myself.  What do I need to know and do to stay sane?”

I’d like to share the answers here with you – in case you, too, could use some stress-melting!  

There are twelve parts to the original piece.  I will share two a week with you – one each Wednesday and Friday.  

They each take less than a minute to read.  And, if you immediately begin the daily practice of using them, they will change your life . . .

Here’s today’s:

Melt Stress Now: Be here now.

If we want to feel peaceful even when a situation seems upsetting, overwhelming or confusing, then we need to change our perception. To begin this shift, we must first bring our attention to the present.  Feel the support of the chair beneath you.  Notice the wind rustling the leaves of the tree.  Breathe in the sweet aroma of your tea.  Listen to the hum of the plane overhead or the whir of the furnace motor.  Study the pattern of the grain in the wood floor.

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Melt Stress Now: Surrender to what is.