We Behave as though Our Thoughts Are Real

We behave as though our thoughts are real.

Take a deep breath and take that in for a moment.

What if your thinking is just your thinking?

What if you are only one new thought from an entirely different experience of life?

woman looking away

What if we chose a new thought anytime we
heard ourselves saying, “I can’t . . .”?

Take the thought: “He doesn’t love me enough.”

Byron Katie has masterfully taught us to question our thinking.

1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3.)
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.)
3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
4. Who would you be without the thought?

“I don’t have the credentials I need.” “I’m too _______ (you fill in the blank – fat, old, undisciplined, scattered, sensitive).  “I will do it when  _______  (again, you fill in the blank – the kids are grown, I feel better, my mother dies, I have more money, the time is right).

What if you allow yourself to become more aware that your thinking is just your thinking?  And then enjoy the rest of your day?

Please feel free to post your comments, insights and experiences below.

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Kundalini Yoga: Join me to share – Sacred Women’s Meditation Circle

We are having our fourth Sacred Women’s Meditation Circle on Thursday.

I am on day 43 of my second 40-day meditation.  If you choose, you could begin your own 40 days with the women who join us for the first time on Thursday.  Or you could join in the energy for the evening, or participate in any way that you feel called.

I have a personal reason why I would love to have you join us this week.  Gina, who co-leads with me, is in Nepal.  This is the first time I will lead the group.  I would love to have you come as a “co-leader,” too.

What are you called to during this sacred time in history when the Divine Feminine is rising again?

If you feel called or curious, do join us.

Thursday • October 24, 2013 • 7 to 8:30 pm

Please click here to access the flyer with dates for the Circles we will have twice a month for the remainder of 2013.

To Love and Truth,

P.S. So Purkh meditation is for all women – pray for up to 3 men in your life, clear your own karma with men and manifest the highest caliber of man to serve with you and your shared destiny.  Each woman’s experience serves her own soul’s path.

If you choose to join us, I don’t know what your process will be.  I do know that whatever it is, it will call you to more of your own Truth and radiance – however that is uniquely done for you!



What if You Are Worthless?

Because I exist, I am worthy.  Because you exist, you are worthy.

Whether or not someone loves or appreciates me, I am worthy.  Even if I don’t love and appreciate me, I am worthy.

pink flower

Because this flower exists, could it be worthless?

So, what if I think I am worthless?  What if I feel worthless? 

What if I just let that be, in the moment?  What if I don’t take my thoughts and feelings too seriously?  In awhile, in a moment, my thoughts and feelings will change.

Because I haven’t wanted to know that sometimes I think I’m worthless and I feel worthless, then I have pushed the thoughts and feelings away.


Because this grass, these trees, these clouds exist, could they be worthless?

Instead of letting the thoughts and feelings be and then shift, I have made money to prove my worth and value.  I pretended that the money made me worthy.  I ignored my thoughts and feelings of worthlessness.  And yet, they ran in the background, pushing me to get people to like me.  Pushing me to get people to hire me and pay me.

No wonder my business didn’t always flourish.  Who wants to hire someone to validate their self-worth?!  Creepy.

Today, I face that question head-on.  So Ann, what if you are worthless?  Every time I ask myself that question, I smile.  One moment, I feel worthless.  Another moment, I feel on top of the world without a thought about my worthiness.

When I don’t take myself so seriously, I remember that because I exist, I am worthy.  Whether I believe it or not.

Ann Strong

Because I exist, could I be worthless?  Smile.

I also allow space for all my thoughts and feelings.  Letting them be,  Knowing they’ll pass.  Honoring them without taking them too seriously.  Because I know that pushing them away makes them come out sideways, creepy ways.  As my coach Janet says, it’s like I’m serving a delicious meal on a dirty plate.

And, then I get on with my work because I love my work.  Not because I must get someone to hire me and pay me to validate my worthiness.  Well, that’s a load off!

Feel free to post your comments, insights and experiences below.