Reflection and Intention: The Best of 2009, Creating 2010

I highly recommend using this review and planning tool, created in part by Paul Schadler, MD.  This is the ninth year I’ve used it, and it helps me keep my focus on all that is most meaningful to me.  Give yourself several hours over two or three days to work with it.  Give yourself the gift of being very present, without rushing through it.

The Best of 2009

Go wild!  Acknowledge all your goodness and greatness.
One guideline: no criticism, only positives.

  • What did I accomplish that I am most proud of?
  • What experiences touched me the most? Were the most intimate?
  • When did I have the most fun?
  • What experiences were the most powerful?
  • Most sacred?
  • What difficult challenges did I meet successfully?
  • In meeting the challenges, what did I do best?
  • What lessons did I learn?
  • Describe my power in those situations.

Creating 2010

Think big!  Be bold!  Have fun!

  • What dominant intention do I have for 2010?
  • For my mind/body/spirit?
  • My relationships?
  • My home environment?
  • My work/service?
  • My finances?
  • My growth/development?
  • My fun, adventure, expression?
  • In which areas of my life do I plan to move forward in 2010?
  • What challenges do I intend to overcome?
  • What specific goals do I intend to achieve in 2010?
  • Who do I want to be?  What do I choose to live/express more?

Spiritual Awareness: The Light That Is You

Yesterday, to celebrate the Winter Solstice, I spent time in City Park hanging out near one of my favorite trees and watching (what seemed like) ten thousand geese.  A couple of years ago, I “heard” that this particular tree’s name is Grace. which suits her so beautifully.  She embodies natural, elegant grace.

As I pondered the gifts of the Solstice, I realized how completely and effortlessly Grace is Grace, the Light that is Grace.  As is each of those geese the Light that is each of them.  Goose number one: the Light that is Goose number one. Goose number two: the Light that is Goose number two. (I haven’t learned each of their names, yet!)

Without any strain, second-guessing or stress, every tree and every goose in the park is naturally and fully the Light that they are.

So, today, this day after the darkest day in the northern hemisphere, I offer you my deepest wish of this sacred season, given to me by the trees and the geese.

May you pause for a moment now to recognize and fully take in the completely unique Light that you are, a blessing to the world.  No need to do anything, no need to be different than you are, no strain, no second-guessing, no stress.  Simply breathing into the Light that is you.

“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being.”
-  Hafiz

Clear intention: Quantum Leap to the Person You’d Like to Be, part II of II

Last week, we looked at making decisions as if we already are that incredibly successful and fulfilled version of ourselves.  What choices does she make in a day?  How does he think about himself?  What daily practices allow her light to shine more fully?

Here is a delightful role model story for us – about Bobby Fisher, World Chess Champion.  I first read a bit about his story in Steve Chandler’s transformative ebook, “How to Get Clients.” 

Fischer became the World Chess Champion in 1972 when he beat Boris Spassky.  While Fischer and Spassky had similar skill sets, Fischer also prepared for the chess match by swimming laps under water.

Spassky, an overweight smoker, viewed chess exclusively as a mental game.  Why focus on taking care of your body, when you use only your brain for chess? Because of his swimming, during the chess match, Fischer had more oxygen going to his brain than Spassky.

The more we understand the body/mind/spirit connection as Bobby Fischer did, the more we succeed in all areas of our lives.  Tending our body, mind and spirit gives us more energy and increases our availability to give.  We are more creative, positive and clear thinking.  We listen better, solve problems with more ease and grace, react more slowly and respond more fully and thoughtfully.

In my fourteenth month of practicing Kundalini yoga, I still feel a bit stunned by (and deeply grateful for) how much this weekly practice has strengthened me physically, clarified me emotionally, sharpened me mentally and softened me spiritually. And, I’ve lost 13 pounds!

As I quantum leap to a whole new level of supporting my clients as their right-hand business partner and spiritual business/life advisor, as well as their transformational coach, I am thrilled to make choices that call forth the best of me – body, mind and spirit!

What about you?  What, who, are you being called to?  What new choices can you make to support this New You?


Clear intention: Quantum Leap to the Person You’d Like to Be, part I of II

Would you like to be a more successful business person?  A thinner version of yourself?  A more loving person?  A more patient person?  Widely recognized as a talented artist?  Then, let’s play a game: be that person now.

First, define this person.  For example: My Natural Rockefeller, Me with a Rockin’ Hot Body, Love Goddess, etc.  Have fun with it.  Pick a name that makes you grin, giggle and stand a bit taller.  Now the fun really begins.  Play with making every choice, taking every breath as that person.  What does your Natural Rockefeller eat for breakfast?  What music does she listen to?  How does she speak?  Who are her friends?  How does she treat herself, talk to herself?

Give yourself permission to play this game fully.  Become aware of all the choices you make in a day.  In every moment, choose as this new version of yourself.  And, get ready for lots of fun, plenty of laughs and maybe a miracle or two!

Conscious Choice: Today is “Just Be Kind” day

Cindy Kirchhoff has declared today “Just Be Kind” day and she tied it into Cami Walker’s “29 Gifts in 29 Days” challenge.

If you’d like an uplifting focus and a positive mental attitude for today and the next 28 days, I highly recommend taking 6 or 8 minutes now to get started . . .
Here is my gift and contribution to Kindness today:
Path of Love
May I breathe into being fully present,
offering myself unconditional
attention, acceptance, appreciation,
affection and allowing.
May I gently release
judgment, fear, control and demands.
May I offer my love to everyone this way.
May I increasingly allow and receive
all the love that comes to me.
May I feel compassion
for those who are afraid to love,
even if they are lashing out.
May all beings find and choose
this path of love.