Clear intention: Quantum Leap to the Person You’d Like to Be, part I of II

Would you like to be a more successful business person?  A thinner version of yourself?  A more loving person?  A more patient person?  Widely recognized as a talented artist?  Then, let’s play a game: be that person now.

First, define this person.  For example: My Natural Rockefeller, Me with a Rockin’ Hot Body, Love Goddess, etc.  Have fun with it.  Pick a name that makes you grin, giggle and stand a bit taller.  Now the fun really begins.  Play with making every choice, taking every breath as that person.  What does your Natural Rockefeller eat for breakfast?  What music does she listen to?  How does she speak?  Who are her friends?  How does she treat herself, talk to herself?

Give yourself permission to play this game fully.  Become aware of all the choices you make in a day.  In every moment, choose as this new version of yourself.  And, get ready for lots of fun, plenty of laughs and maybe a miracle or two!

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