What Helps Us Feel Good about Ourselves?

When Things Are Going Well Have you noticed when you’re in the flow, you tend to be engaging your strengths, your purpose, your passions? And then, it’s naturally easy to feel good about yourself, about your life?

When Things Aren’t Going So Well And, have you noticed when you feel frustrated, lost, overwhelmed, then you […]

Your Greatness As Me

Dear God, free me from Anything that blocks me From believing in Your Greatness That flows through me. As me.

Show me how to know You, As me, With every breath I take.

Regardless of circumstances.

Through the toughest storms, During moments of Pure Grace, And everything in between.

Show me how to experience […]

What Do Your Clients Really Want?

As professionals, we have a tendency to talk about our services in terms of our tools and processes. Our clients don’t care about how we do what we do. They want to know that we can help them get to what they desire. And to the deeper desire under that desire.

The more you deeply […]

Two Ways to Brilliantly and Divinely Transcend Ourselves

“As human beings we are made to surpass ourselves and are truly ourselves only when transcending ourselves.” ~ Huston Smith

Two ways to transcend ourselves: Brilliance and Divinity.

Brilliance The human and personally unique: consistently growing, quantum leaping and expanding the boundaries of our service and contribution. The practice of our craft. Living and working […]

What Good Life Is Just Beyond Acceptance?

Earlier this week, I drove to Denver to facilitate a StrengthsFinder team development for one of my coaching clients. As is want to do this time of year, it was snowing and the roads were icy for about the first 45 minutes of my drive.

I could hear the typical conversation in my head about […]

How Do I Truly Experience Home?

I’m just back from a quick trip to Detroit to spend the weekend with my beloved niece, Alisha. For my whole life, I’ve preferred to drive to places rather than fly. I haven’t liked being off the ground, and I really haven’t liked feeling almost claustrophobic in a flying Greyhound.

Until this trip.

Something […]

The Happy Privilege of Being You

Never before. Never again.

Brilliant. Brilliant shining now.

Illuminating sacred opportunity. Expressing the beloved known as me.

Entrusted to nurture the beloved into the fullness of Divine Glory.

Bringing forth the Brilliance of this beloved.

How could the Universe be any less uplifted by your presence than by these beloved expressions of the One?


My Intertwined Paths to the Divine

Last Sunday, I gave a talk at church about my two intertwined paths to the Divine. The more formal, worship and body prayer path and the church of nature path.

The worship path From the Catholic church of my childhood, through Christian mysticism, Quaker meeting, a dozen Christian church field trips, Dances of Universal Peace, […]

Mindfulness: From the Still Point

“Anything you do has a still point. When you are in that still point, you can perform maximally.” – Joseph Campbell

Last week, as I was driving through a notoriously challenging traffic crunch area on the highway, I accessed the still point of that particular spot. I actually slowed down to the construction speed limit […]

StrengthsFinder™: Good to Great Enough

When does going for Excellence become a burden? All strengths have their dark side. The strength of Maximizer is no exception. I know this one from the inside, as it is my own number one StrengthsFinder™ strength. And, of course, I have served as a great match for dozens of clients over the years with […]