I see with new eyes.

I see through the eyes of relationship and union.

I close the eyes of separation and judgment.

I live in the expectancy of revelation –

expecting the purpose of each experience to be revealed –

as I recognize that I exist in union with the Source and Cause of revelation.


The Magic That Chose Me

As I feel this spine, As I feel this heart, As I feel this mind, As I feel this Spirit, I know the magic that chose me.

As I experience this present moment, As I experience this breath, I know the magic that chose me.

As I experience the strength of this spine, As […]

No Permission Needed

Confident Vulnerability changed my life. I learned this empowering way of being in my advanced StrengthsFinder training a couple of years ago. Thank you DeAnna Murphy of Strengths Strategy!

Confident Vulnerability looks like this.

I know what I am. I know what I’m not. I’m comfortable, confident and non-judgmental with and embrace both. I am […]

Heart Wide Open

Happy Gratitude! On the eve of our US holiday of appreciation, I give you this poem from my forthcoming book …

Heart Wide Open

Warm sun. Deep breath. Kitty purr. Coffee gurgle.

Soft eyes. Beating heart. Soft heart. Armor melted.

Open arms. Embracing all. Boundaries melting.

Open mind. Open heart. Quiet mind. Quiet heart.


The Source of Our Experience

Recently I had to sort out something between my doctor, insurance company and pharmacy. Not fun. I realized that the root of my frustration and anxiety was about feeling powerless.

While waiting for replies from them, this piece, Returning to Center, came to me. It reminds me that regardless of how it looks, I am […]

The Happy Privilege of Being You

Never before. Never again.

Brilliant. Brilliant shining now.

Illuminating sacred opportunity. Expressing the beloved known as me.

Entrusted to nurture the beloved into the fullness of Divine Glory.

Bringing forth the Brilliance of this beloved.

How could the Universe be any less uplifted by your presence than by these beloved expressions of the One?


Coming Back to Center

Earlier this week, I attended an Evening of Exploration at the Academy for the Love of Learning. We explored Coming Back to Center – Embodied Leadership.

One of the most profound things I learned involved not always being able to tell if I was present within myself while being present with another person. What an […]

Full Dedication

We had the honor of six Tibetan Buddhist monks chanting for us at church last Sunday. Only one of them spoke English, and he spoke for less than two minutes. I was listening to him and now I don’t remember what he was saying. Then, all of the sudden, it seemed as though he woke […]

Mindfulness: From the Still Point

“Anything you do has a still point. When you are in that still point, you can perform maximally.” – Joseph Campbell

Last week, as I was driving through a notoriously challenging traffic crunch area on the highway, I accessed the still point of that particular spot. I actually slowed down to the construction speed limit […]

Creator/Owner Mindset: I Can’t Believe I Fell into this Hole

There I was walking my talk. Like a great coach. And then I fell in that same hole – again.

Let me back up to the beginning.

I had been in a low mood for a day and a half. For a couple of weeks before that, I had made several invitations to people I […]