Clear Intention: Change Your Life with “What” and “How”

Imagine the difference in the quality of your life in this same scenario, played out two different ways.  First, the way we tend to to do and second with a clear intention for the outcome we desire.  You’ve had a powerful initial conversation with a potential client and she told you she’ll get back to you by Tuesday to get started.  Tuesday comes and goes and you don’t hear from her.

The “Why” life:
“Why hasn’t she called?”  “Why didn’t I set a specific time with her?”  “Why didn’t I tell her about ________ (you fill in the blank)?” 

The “Why” life leads to making things up, taking things personally, making assumptions, second-guessing ourselves and a whole lotta needless misery.

The “What and How” life:
“Okay, she hasn’t called.  What would I like?  I’d like to get started working with her if that’s what she still would like to do.  Okay, how would I like to proceed?  It feels good to me to give her a couple of days and if I don’t hear from her by Friday, I will call her to check in and let her know I’d like to get started working with her if that’s what she still would like to do.”

The “What and How” life empowers you in knowing what you’d like and in taking action toward bringing that about!  No making things up, taking things personally, making assumptions, second-guessing or needless misery.

Would you like to play with it for a week and see how it shifts your life?  I’d love to hear your experience if you decide to play . . .

Affirmative Prayer: Choosing that Focus

Recently, every time I’ve turned around, I’ve had another opportunity to consciously choose my focus and choose my thoughts as I noticed my focus and thoughts heading toward negativity and fear.

As I pondered what might be causing so many opportunities all at once, I realized I have gotten lax about my daily spiritual practice.  Several months ago I had gotten the smallest iPod, the Shuffle, so that I could listen to Michael Beckwith talks and inspirational music as I walked in the park. I have found this double dose of spiritual practice – the talk and the walk – does wonders for keeping my focus in the right place.  Yet, I’ve only done my double dose a few times – not even weekly, much less daily.

When my daily spiritual practice is daily, I exponentially increase my ability to choose to focus on positivity, possibilities and love.

How about you?  What works for you to keep your focus where you’d like it?

I’ve included a new piece, “Love in Action” that is helping me keep my focus on love – enjoy!

Love in Action

Feeling afraid . . .
Feeling hopeless . . .
Feeling stuck . . .

Have I finally, truly gone insane?
Do I definitely need medication?
Is it time to admit defeat?

Or . . .

Are these the panicked cries of my ego?
Longing to once again be in charge?

As I step into the unknown,
I desperately desire something familiar . . .

Taking a deep breath,
I realize the comfort of my breathing.

Something familiar:
My breath, my breathing, my Spirit.

Something familiar:
As I breathe deeply,
feeling my Spirit,
I feel Love,
pure, radiant, shimmering Love.

Something familiar:
As I feel Love,
pure, radiant, shimmering Love,
I know Love in Action.

Something familiar:
As I know Love in Action,
I feel myself putting one foot in front of the other
as I step into Love in Action.

Courageously moving forward
into the unknown
as Love in Action . . .