Your Coaching Business: You Prosper from My Fury

I actually screamed after I got off a coaching call last week.  I had hung up, hadn’t I?!?

I wasn’t mad at my client.  I was mad for her.  

Mad at her coaching school, which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty.  I won’t name the school because hers is not the only coaching school guilty of teaching “pure coaching” at the expense of serving the coach and their clients.

My client felt really frustrated, torn between offering only “pure coaching” as she was told to do by her instructor and offering coaching and expertise that her client wanted and as her intuition, gut instinct and common sense told her to do.  

I can no long grit my teeth and remain silent.  She is not the first of my clients to experience this confusion and frustration.

Should she follow her own knowing or the insane coaching industry self-serving concept of “pure coaching?”  

I got mad because my client, a smart, successful, seasoned, business professional had begun to second-guess herself.

I am a life-long entrepreneur who has eaten regularly because I learned early on to find out what my client most desired and needed and give it to them.  I can no longer stand by as coaching students pay good money to learn something so wrong!

Teaching new coaches “pure coaching” which means never advising, offering expertise or sharing a resource does not serve the client or the coach.  It only serves the ego of the coaching profession – whoever or whatever that is.

Let me be clear: I love the “pure coaching” process, both as a client of my coach and as a coach to my clients.  

And, I love to ask my coach to tell me how he does something.  Or, to have him tell me, not coach me through a process I don’t know.  I love to ask my coach his opinion or for a great resource.  

And, I love my clients to ask me to teach them processes, offer my expertise, give my opinion or share resources.

Your coaching business built on your strengths. My coaching business prospers from my love affair with the moon!
How does my love affair with the moon support my coaching business? It’s an energetic thing! One of my clients recently told me she appreciates my pragmatic and “moon and stars” approach to coaching. How great is that?!

At the end of the day, I want to know that I offered my clients everything I have to give them that is useful to them.  I do not ever want to hold back something they need that I have to give because it isn’t “pure coaching.”

And, I don’t want you to second-guess yourself about that either!

No wonder so few coaches are making a living!

And, now, it’s my turn to do something about this appalling situation – perhaps for you.

In March, I have an opening to take on two apprentices.

I will teach these two apprentices:

  • Everything I know about teaching and coaching clients to create both business and personal transformation.
  • How to generously offer clients everything (in addition to “pure coaching”) that will serve them so that you sign more clients and retain clients significantly longer.
  • How to transform pipedreams into reality – both yours and your clients’.
  • All you will need to grow your coaching business.

Perhaps we’ll call this: “Serve the Client/Grow Your Business School” since we will be offering the client coaching, training, expertise, resources and so much more . . .

If you:

  • Know that 2011 is the year for you to fully commit to your coaching business . . .
  • Are excited to dive in and do your own transformation work . . .
  • Are ready to invest significant time, money, heart and soul into this process for an even greater return . . .
  • Have a sense one of these apprenticeships is yours . . .

. . . then call me on my direct line (303.399.8737) to schedule a conversation.

To transforming every pipedream into reality, one dream at a time!

P.S.  Do you know two of the most significant differences between coaches who make a great living at coaching and those who go back to a job?

  1. They create their businesses around offering all of who they are: their strengths, their quirks, their passions – they literally have no competitors.
  2. They actively and consistently demonstrate their love and enthusiasm for the person in front of them – new acquaintance, potential client, long-term client . . .


Creator/Owner Mindset: Conspiring for Good

What if everything were conspiring for your good?

Take a deep breath.  

What if every single challenging circumstance, annoying person, glorious event and fabulous person were conspiring for your good? 

Or, what if we weren’t even able to prove that, yet we found it a far more fulfilling way to live?  What if we looked for the good in every situation?  What if we looked until we found it?

Or, what if we “prove” it with our spiritual beliefs?  I believe that there is only God.  That everything, everyone is a unique emanation of the One Source, God energy, good energy.  Then all is God, all is good.

So, what about that wildly challenging situation or that so-far-beyond-annoying person?  What if the challenge teaches us patience, courage, perseverance, compassion, gratitude, humility and/or kindness?  What if the person we can’t stand mirrors something inside us or  frees us from needing to please?

Creator/owner mindset, happiness and commitment to finding the good.
My biggest challenge lately: this construction project is the view from my office window. On this snow day, all is quiet. On other days, all is noisy. All day. Some of the good: I am learning I can focus and concentrate even in harsh, noisy circumstances. I am using my “secondary office” more – a lovely spot in the park.

What if everything were conspiring for your good?

Take a moment right now to call to mind your challenging situation or annoying person.  Take a deep breath. Can you find the good?

If so, congratulations.  If not, are you willing to keep looking?

This game called “Finding the Good” has sometimes frustrated me.  Especially when occasionally I have realized that I’d rather have my righteousness than my good.  Or, when I look and look and look and cannot see the good.  

Of course, shortly after I give up my righteousness or relentless looking, then there it is.  The good.  Big, bold and beautiful.  And ridiculously, glaringly obvious!

Post your own Finding the Good insights in the comments.

Happiness: The Unique Energizing of You

What and who energizes you?  Excites you?  Makes you feel more alive?  Offers you happiness?  Inspires you? Expands you?

Without apology.  

A great way to run yourself and your business right into the ground involves trying to be all things for all people.  Taking on clients that drain you guarantees business failure.  An excellent way to make your life miserable involves doing things you don’t particularly want to do for people you can’t say “no” to.  

The only variable: how long?  If you have a highly-developed “do whatever it takes, even if I hate it” mentality, you may eek a bit more life from your business or your life than someone who doesn’t.  

Yet, why would you want to?  Life is way too short without happiness and to do anything less than what you are here to do – with joy, energy, enthusiasm and your whole heart.

So much happiness as I photograph something beautiful, with stunning, natural composition.
I generate ridiculous amounts of happiness, and feel so energized when I see a beautiful scene and successfully capture its gorgeous natural composition!

What or who drains you?  Irritates you?  Causes you to feel “less than?”  Generates less happiness?  Confuses you?  Disconnects you?

Still, no apology, no explanation, no judgment.  It is what it is.  

One of my clients, Carl, has a great time with two of his brothers and a difficult time interacting with the third.  One of the two brothers he’s energized by gets along well with all three brothers, yet can barely spend any time with their dad without feeling exhausted and frustrated.

No right or wrong.  No need to analyze or criticize.  A simple awareness of and willingness to act on what is uniquely true for you.

Post your own happiness insights in the comments section.

Excerpted from Ann’s forthcoming book, “Thriving Work,”

Copyright 2011.