Creator/Owner Mindset: Conspiring for Good

What if everything were conspiring for your good?

Take a deep breath.  

What if every single challenging circumstance, annoying person, glorious event and fabulous person were conspiring for your good? 

Or, what if we weren’t even able to prove that, yet we found it a far more fulfilling way to live?  What if we looked for the good in every situation?  What if we looked until we found it?

Or, what if we “prove” it with our spiritual beliefs?  I believe that there is only God.  That everything, everyone is a unique emanation of the One Source, God energy, good energy.  Then all is God, all is good.

So, what about that wildly challenging situation or that so-far-beyond-annoying person?  What if the challenge teaches us patience, courage, perseverance, compassion, gratitude, humility and/or kindness?  What if the person we can’t stand mirrors something inside us or  frees us from needing to please?

Creator/owner mindset, happiness and commitment to finding the good.
My biggest challenge lately: this construction project is the view from my office window. On this snow day, all is quiet. On other days, all is noisy. All day. Some of the good: I am learning I can focus and concentrate even in harsh, noisy circumstances. I am using my “secondary office” more – a lovely spot in the park.

What if everything were conspiring for your good?

Take a moment right now to call to mind your challenging situation or annoying person.  Take a deep breath. Can you find the good?

If so, congratulations.  If not, are you willing to keep looking?

This game called “Finding the Good” has sometimes frustrated me.  Especially when occasionally I have realized that I’d rather have my righteousness than my good.  Or, when I look and look and look and cannot see the good.  

Of course, shortly after I give up my righteousness or relentless looking, then there it is.  The good.  Big, bold and beautiful.  And ridiculously, glaringly obvious!

Post your own Finding the Good insights in the comments.

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