Happiness: The Unique Energizing of You

What and who energizes you?  Excites you?  Makes you feel more alive?  Offers you happiness?  Inspires you? Expands you?

Without apology.  

A great way to run yourself and your business right into the ground involves trying to be all things for all people.  Taking on clients that drain you guarantees business failure.  An excellent way to make your life miserable involves doing things you don’t particularly want to do for people you can’t say “no” to.  

The only variable: how long?  If you have a highly-developed “do whatever it takes, even if I hate it” mentality, you may eek a bit more life from your business or your life than someone who doesn’t.  

Yet, why would you want to?  Life is way too short without happiness and to do anything less than what you are here to do – with joy, energy, enthusiasm and your whole heart.

So much happiness as I photograph something beautiful, with stunning, natural composition.
I generate ridiculous amounts of happiness, and feel so energized when I see a beautiful scene and successfully capture its gorgeous natural composition!

What or who drains you?  Irritates you?  Causes you to feel “less than?”  Generates less happiness?  Confuses you?  Disconnects you?

Still, no apology, no explanation, no judgment.  It is what it is.  

One of my clients, Carl, has a great time with two of his brothers and a difficult time interacting with the third.  One of the two brothers he’s energized by gets along well with all three brothers, yet can barely spend any time with their dad without feeling exhausted and frustrated.

No right or wrong.  No need to analyze or criticize.  A simple awareness of and willingness to act on what is uniquely true for you.

Post your own happiness insights in the comments section.

Excerpted from Ann’s forthcoming book, “Thriving Work,”

Copyright 2011.

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  1. I’ve realized a lot of my tiredness is created by all the pressure I put on myself to keep on pushing no matter what! My new goal is to identify quickly and adjust. Happiness is number one!


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