I Am Love

Love is not something I do.
Love is not something I get from you.
Love is not something I give to you.

Love is who I am.
Love is who you are.


As I feel into this,
I notice my brain wants meaning.
What does this mean?

As I feel into this,
I realize my heart KNOWS.

Without words.
With a softening of my body.
With a slowing of my breath.

Experiencing myself as love.
Experiencing you as love.

I Am Love
Experiencing this road, this snow, these clouds, these trees as love.

Experiencing the air I breath as love.
Experiencing the sun upon my face as love.
Experiencing life as love.
Experiencing. Love.

What about you? What’s your experience? Post your experiences below…

4 comments to I Am Love

  • Ann Strong

    Ken, it sounds like quite a Love Immersion you have going on there! Hooray. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all heard “I love you” many times a day? And we each have an unlimited source – ourselves! I wrote and recorded a lovely piece for myself called, “Ann Strong, I Love You!” Just the name tickles me.

  • Ken

    I’m feeling more and more love-energy lately—Yay! Between “A Course of Love,” “The Untethered Soul,” Matt Kahn’s “Whatever Arises, Love That,” and Gina Lake’s “Choose Love,” I have been inundating myself with loving words and I believe it is having a noticeable effect. As per Kahn, I tell myself frequently “I love you.” I’m expressing anger much less at racquetball.

    Thanks for the “lovely” poem!!

    And Robin, ditto what Ann says!!

  • Ann Strong

    Dearest Robin, you LIVE this – of course it aligns with your experience! And, thank you for your kind words. I love you and I see you and Stephen in such a beautiful, healing love bubble.

  • Robin Easton

    Dearest Ann, this is the most beautiful piece about “what Love is” that I have ever read. It aligns SO fully with my own experience and feelings of Love. You are an amazing soul, so wise and yet humble. I’m proud of you and uplifted!! Thank you for sharing this. I love you and am thinking of you. Robin xo

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