Guaranteed Gratitude

I have written about gratitude for the past 15 years at Thanksgiving. Many years, I have written about it at other times as well. I love it – appreciation is one of the strongest perspective changers that we have freely available to us. Today as I sat down to write, I wondered what would be my fresh perspective this year.


What aspects of your life consistently bring you joy? Every time? No matter what? Even if you’re annoyed at the same time?

That you might overlook feeling appreciative because they are ever-present? Like breathing?

Yes, deep breathing is one for me. No matter how upset I get, my breath can calm me down. When I remember to slow down and deepen my breathing, I reconnect to me, to the Universe, to whatever is in front of me.

Jasmine, my magical black kitty with deep green eyes and seven toes on both front paws and six on the back ones. She has the strongest will and loves to talk more than any cat I’ve ever known. She is pure love and freedom in action. Regardless of how much she’s ripping up the room, I can’t help but be grateful for her.

The moon, oh the moon. She’s just a sliver today and I am so grateful to have her visible once again. She shines as a reliable, beautiful companion.

Kundalini yoga. Even when the postures seem impossible and I am muttering under my breath, I feel immense gratitude for having this practice that loves my body, mind, heart and spirit!

My ability to walk. To get to be out in nature every day makes me very happy. I’m even learning how to appreciate wind. I am so grateful for the Earth and all of the elements and my relationships with them.

One of the many wonderful places I now get to walk and delight in so many elements of nature: a sunset from my "Big Backyard," the Galisteo Basin Preserve

One of the many wonderful places I now get to walk and delight
in so many elements of nature: a sunset from my “Big Backyard,”
the Galisteo Basin Preserve

My consistent courage to change and grow and experience. I am so grateful to be me!

My niece, Alisha. Allow me to be a proud aunt for a moment. She just learned Friday that she passed the California Bar. Yes, on her first time of taking it. All that led up to this huge accomplishment has made her grumpy. Often. Over many months. And it didn’t even matter to me. I love and adore her and appreciate every minute I spend with her, even via text. I am so grateful that I get to have such an extraordinary young woman in my life.

So, what about you? What are your Guaranteeds?

Post your comments, insights and progress below.


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4 thoughts on “Guaranteed Gratitude”

  1. Mary, thank YOU for sharing some of yours with us. I particularly love your description of skiing with baby – never having been pregnant, I loved feeling your experience!

  2. Thank you for the invitation to consider my “guarantees”, Ann.

    There’s a memory that I can call up of a backcountry ski I did when I was really really pregnant. The sun was shining in a perfect Colorado blue sky, the baby was like a dance partner in my belly and we did a strong, joyous waltz up a big hill together. I panted and beamed at the top of the hill.

    Then there’s a spot by the creek with a big log that looks just like a dragon. Every time I see it, I smile.

    Being in the recording studio with friends.

    Sleeping under the stars with no tent.

    The sound of Bonnie Raitt playing slide guitar.

    Thanks for all of these. And to you, Ann, for asking.

  3. For me, Guaranteed Gratitude was a concept that I had not thought about. Yet, there are things that I am grateful for in my life that I see or can use daily. These things really help me change my attitude, my day, and event this moment for the better. I really appreciate the simplicity of this concept.

    These are a few items for me that I use.

    Breath, breathing in and out gently, thinking about breathing the purest elements in the air and using different breath techniques.

    Movement after sitting – dancing, stretching, feeling the way my feet connect with the ground with my weight.

    Nature – using my imagination that I can feel the essence of the sky, trees, clouds, water, and wind flowing through my body.

    Thank you, Ann for this simple concept that carries so much wisdom.


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