Affirming New Ways of Being

I’ve never been sure about the whole affirmation thing.

On the one hand, I love affirming my good. “I am at my ideal weight.” “I consistently bring in more than $9,000/month.” “My wonderful guy is looking for me as I am looking for him.”

On the other hand, the affirmations more often than not sound like lies to me. I am now at my ideal weight, yet it took me years to find my specific way. Sometimes I bring in more than $9,000/month and sometimes I don’t. And, I would love to believe my guy is looking for me, yet I’d much rather he find me!

A poster I’ve seen in many Santa Fe bathrooms helped me see that I do much better with new ways of being rather than new affirmations. The poster says: “Help Save Water! Saving water is always in season.”

Having lived in Denver most of my life and being a hippie Earth girl in my soul, I have always conserved water. Yet, I noticed that I have started conserving in several new ways since I moved to Santa Fe and read those posters.

For example, I often conserve heat by working with a hot water bottle in my lap. I heat the water several times a day. In the past, I dumped out the cool water and filled the tea kettle with new water. After reading the posters, I automatically started dumping the water in the water bottle back into the tea kettle – reusing the same water all day. And now, each morning when I give my cat, Jasmine, fresh water in her water bowl, I water a plant with the “stale” water.

What "posters" might we create for ourselves that help us naturally create new ways of being?

What “posters” might we create for ourselves
that help us naturally create new ways of being?

I’m amazed and pleased that simply reading a poster caused me to naturally and easily change my way of being. How can we use this idea to create new ways of being that support our ideal life and work?

Let’s play with this.

I know that one of the keys to maintaining my ideal weight involves practicing kundalini yoga twice a week. And so, I do. Almost every week for six years. Without question. Without affirmation.

I’m not yet consistent with the activities that lead to consistent income. I do know what activities make the difference. The first is tangible: make group invitations and talk with people one-on-one about working with me or taking one of my programs. The second is energetic: keep my focus on serving without attachment. Daily, weekly, consistently.

The one that is most mysterious to me involves my guy. And, I would imagine it is similar to the activities for consistent income. Spend time out in the world, around people each day or each week. And, focus on connecting with men without attachment. I will have to let you know how that one goes!

So, what about you? In what areas of your life or work would you like to create new ways of being? How can I inspire you to begin now?

Post your comments, insights and progress below.


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2 thoughts on “Affirming New Ways of Being”

  1. I find that it’s not so much affirmations that motivate me sustainably over time. It’s fierce compassion. I have a movement practice that I roll out if bed and each morning. When I find myself not wanting to do it on any given day, I simply say to myself, “I love you. Get up.”


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