New Mexico edition of “Why Am I So Happy?”

I’ve been living in New Mexico for almost 3 weeks now. The entire transition went beautifully. Everything from lots of packing help – when does that happen – to just the right amount of boxes to receiving my full deposit back from my apartment within a week when they told me it would take up to 8 weeks.

My casita is more beautiful and light-filled than I had even imagined. The drive into Santa Fe is short, gorgeous and peaceful. I have a wonderful new yoga studio and am trying lots of great coffee shops to find my favorite. I’m unpacked and found everything.

One of the amazing sunsets I get to see every day!

One of the amazing sunsets I get to see every day!


Why am I so happy?

  • I took a risk.
  • I’m creating more of the life I desire – a retreat life.
  • The quiet, oh, the quiet.
  • I live in the most gorgeous light.
  • I do some of my work outside on my patio.
  • I am planted in 360 degree beauty.
  • Every day is a new sunset.
  • The moon and the stars keep me company every night.
  • I now get to host clients for retreat in this beautiful, spacious, contemplative place.
  • My strength of Connectedness is soooo happy to be this connected to nature.
  • My strength of Empathy is thrilled to be surrounded by less people.
  • My Maximizer is overjoyed to be in the perfect place and perfect home for me (and she does not use the word “perfect” often).
  • My Individualization is tickled to be surrounded by people marching to the beat of their own drummer.

What is on the horizon for you? I had wanted to make this move for several years and always had reasons I couldn’t. How can I inspire you to take the next big step for you?

Post your comments, insights and progress below.


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