Conscious Choice: How “What If” Could Alter the Course of Your Life

I recently learned that problem-solving triggers fight-or-flight.  Choosing to instead engage with “What If . . .” generates safety and creativity.  I have been playing with it myself to experience the truth.  I can feel it in my body. 

When I think, “This (whatever “this” is) is a problem and now I have to find a solution,” I feel anxious. 

I think thoughts like:

  • What if I can’t solve this?
  • I don’t want to make (fill in the blank) mad.
  • Why do I even have to deal with this?
  • This is too much trouble.
  • What if this snowballs into more problems?

You get the idea . . . 

Can you feel the anxiety or pressure building in your body as you read my thoughts?!?  Crazy.

If I instead, look at “What If . . .,” my body immediately relaxes.

I think thoughts like:

  • What if it’s better than I imagine because (fill in the blank)?
  • Maybe we could (fill in the blank).
  • What if I don’t do anything right now and allow this to resolve itself?
  • Maybe he meant (fill in a generous explanation, rather than the explanation that means I now have a problem).
  • What if all is well?  Right now.  Everything as it is.

I just took a deep breath.  Did you? Can you feel your body relaxing?   

As always, I invite you to share your own responses and experiences in the Comments section below.

To finding the amazing opportunity in every single thing we had previously thought of as a problem to be solved!

I love living life from a coaching perspective.

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