The Natural Organizing and Aligning of Life

I’m on the second day of a 40-day meditation for greater awareness of faith. What struck me this morning: how amazingly precisely things Organize and Align in my life without me doing it.

For example: many people don’t know that I chose my last name, Strong, in 1991. I was getting married for the second time, we wanted to share a last name and I didn’t want to take his. We spent months pondering what to choose. We wanted a name with meaning without calling attention to it. I wanted to be Ann Fortunate because that’s how I felt. And, that would have called too much attention to it. 🙂

When we thought of and chose Strong, I thought it was to help him become stronger. Ah, silly me.

We were together four years, and our marriage was miserable. We divorced and both kept the name. Perhaps one of the karmic reasons we married?

Interestingly, I took the name Strong 10 years before Gallup came out with the StrengthsFinder assessment, something that has been so integral to my work since 2008. People often asked me back then why I didn’t name my business Strong Coaching. “Too hokey,” I said over and over again.

Then a couple of years ago, I asked you, the readers of this ezine and blog, what to re-name the ezine. The clear feedback was Strong Notes. It seemed close to hokey, but I thought it was a good change – temporarily. Until I could come up with something better.

Do you see the Organizing and Aligning pattern here? And I was not only not doing it, I was resisting along the way!

How could our lives be any less Organized and Aligned than the sunflowers and the sun and the clouds?!?
How could our lives be any less Organized and Aligned
than the sunflowers and the sun and the clouds?!?

Fast forward to six months ago, and it became crystal clear to me that my next book would be Strong from Within. I finally surrendered. I renamed the company too. Strong from Within may very well be my life’s work – personally, professionally and literarily.

What I became aware of in my meditation this morning: something greater than me is Organizing and Aligning my life. Then, I had a few blissful minutes of knowing what it feels like to have faith in that!

What about you? What do you notice has Organized and Aligned in your life?

(Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Strong from Within: Simple perceptions and practices for returning to the joy of you”)

4 thoughts on “The Natural Organizing and Aligning of Life”

  1. I always say that my job is to get clear on what I want in my life, and to get out if the way and let the Universe figure out the how and when. I came to this belief because of the incredible alignments that occurred in my life about 15 years ago. When I attempted to piece together how those miraculous events had come to be, I realized that the intricate orchestration by the Universe was totally more than I could ever, personally, have accomplished. So now I focus on my heart’s desire and my personal calling, and trust that the universe will align the people,places and experiences I need to manifest those!

    • Audre, I love your clarity about what is your part and what belongs to the Universe. And, I love that you have the experience of what happens when you aren’t trying to do what is the job of the Universe! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Vickie, Happy Birthday!!! You have been created unique and one of a kind for the purpose only you can fulfill! Thank you for inspiring me today. On this day, I celebrate you.

  3. I turn 63 years old today and I have found that the things I resisted the most at an earlier age have become very important to me now. I now embrace who I am, the strong and the weak. I realize that I have been created unique/one of a kind, for a particular purpose. Each morning I am given the opportunity to go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, and inspire someone to enjoy the day. Each is a gift from the Creator of all life and the fullness thereof.


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