Steady in the Wind

Self-Coaching Course:  Steady in the Wind
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SteadyColor72SmallLearn to:

• Remain peaceful and calm, regardless of     circumstances

• Confidently stay your course

• Attract clients easily, naturally 




Applying 12 spiritual coaching principles to bringing more clients into your coaching practice


Self-Coaching Course:
A 14-week E-seminar with Ann Strong

“I came to Ann with the intention of examining and changing my relationship with money, knowing on a deeper level that I needed to discover my value and honor my worth financially. I’ve now more than doubled my income in six months.”
~Kerry Pastine, Success Coach, Owner of True Self Essentials


 What would you create if you knew, absolutely knew, you could have the life and work your choose? Imagine knowing, really KNOWING, financial security regardless of the economy.

That’s what the Coaching Courses: “Steady in the Wind” E-seminar offers you – the opportunity to consciously create your life and work rather than unconsciously reacting to whatever the wind blows your way. The course teaches you how to develop a wealth consciousness regardless of circumstances.

Creating the life and work you desire is deceptively simple. The fact that you are here reading this demonstrates you must believe, on some level, that this is possible for you! Congratulations. Your first step taken! Even though the process is simple, the reason most people fail to use it involves failing to create a new habit.

The reason we don’t have what we want in our lives and work: falling into old roles and ingrained bad habits running our lives without our awareness of them. This Self-Coaching Course: “Steady in the Wind” supports you in becoming aware of the old roles and habits and replacing them with new, life-affirming, wealth-consciousness habits.

I want to help you create what you want. In the past, I felt so frustrated with my life – wanting something different and not knowing how to make it happen. That’s how I discovered these principles.

I want to help you create what you want. I have felt deeply saddened by others who wanted more and couldn’t see that the only thing standing between them and their dreams was their thinking.

SteadyColor72SmallHave you noticed when you feel “needy,” you struggle to bring in more clients? When you’re confident and happy, you naturally and easily attract clients?

Simple human nature: your clients are drawn to what feels good and repelled by what doesn’t. Neediness doesn’t feel good.

So, what if you don’t have enough clients and you DO need money?


You must change your focus.

By focusing on your client’s needs and taking care of them, you cannot also focus on your need for money. And, of course, the more you focus on taking care of them, the more clients you attract.

So, what if you’re focused on taking care of clients and potential clients and your business is growing, but still not enough?

That’s where these 12 powerful spiritual coaching principles come in.

They help hold you steady even when you feel you don’t have enough money. And, they help you take care of yourself and your clients so thoroughly that you’ll soon be making more money than you ever dreamed possible.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

This is a systematic, week-by-week approach to developing new spiritual muscles that will serve you for a lifetime by:

  • Holding you steady (peaceful, confident, at ease) regardless of circumstances.
  • Supporting you in more consistently being a person people are naturally attracted to, which leads to all the clients you want.
  • Allowing you to create the life, and work, of your dreams.


“Thank you, Ann. I now know in my body and heart and mind and soul what it feels like to live a balanced, positive life.”
~ Shari Caudron, Freelance Journalist and Writing Coach


The 12 spiritual coaching principles:

  1.  Deep listening
  2.  Visioning
  3.  Commanding
  4.  Commitment
  5.  Focus
  6.  Awareness
  7.  Openness
  8.  Non-attachment
  9.  Generosity
  10.  Knowledge sharing
  11.  Connecting
  12.  Kindness


Each week, once a week, for twelve weeks you will receive a short, clear, powerful and inspirational Coaching Courses lesson with examples, applications and a daily practice.


“I would invite you to open yourself up to everything Ann offers and hold on for the ride. You will be amazed by what comes to you.”
~ Joleen Stanczyk, President of Advantage HR Solutions, LLC
Author of “How to Fall in Love with Your Life”


I’ve personally tested and applied all these spiritual coaching principles

When I had just turned 10, my 23-year-old aunt died in a car accident, crushing my mother’s spirit. At 34, I lost my boyfriend to a drug overdose. Four years ago, my dad died of cancer. I’ve weathered three divorces, the loss of several close friendships and two bankruptcies.

I began a spiritual quest as a teenager. I needed to make sense of what to do when bad things happened to me. Later, I realized I needed to know how to be in charge of my life instead of it being in charge of me. As I studied people who had gone through adversity and come through stronger, more loving and more alive, I wanted to know what made them different from those who sank into despair when faced with challenges. I discovered these principles and I’ve used each of them to hold steady throughout my challenging times. I’ve also helped hundreds apply the principles to their lives and businesses.

I use these spiritual coaching principles in every area of my life, starting with myself. I live Strong from Within. I’ve created a consistent daily spiritual practice. I have a loving, playful, connected relationship with the love of my life.  I’ve built several successful small businesses. I work with some of the coolest, most loving people on the planet. I am healthy and fit at 57. I am blessed with an abundance of good friends. I’ve created a spacious life with plenty of time to hang out with my friends and family. I love working at home!



Now it’s your turn

If you are ready to let go of the struggle, if you’d like to naturally and easily build your business and create a wonderful life in the process, then register for this course today.

No Risk Guarantee

If, for any reason at any time within a year of starting this Coaching Course, “Steady in the Wind” doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations, I will graciously fully refund your investment.


While this valuable, life-changing material is worth hundreds of dollars (if not thousands — how much is peace and confidence worth, much less more clients?), I wanted to make it affordable to anyone who truly desires it. You may have it today for $59 and receive the special report, “Melt Stress Now!”

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Bonus report, “Melt Stress Now!”


To your increased peace, confidence and bank account!


To your success,

Ann Strong


P.S. If you don’t take advantage of this Self-Coaching Course e-Seminar, what will you do instead to increase your peace, confidence and bottom line?

I talk with a lot of people who think they “shouldn’t need any help.” Well, most of us do need a structure of encouragement and inspiration to make lasting change. We weren’t taught these principles in school. Yet, we sure should have been!

You can change that for yourself now. You’ve got nothing to lose. And increased peace, confidence and sales to gain!!! So, click here and order now. I personally guarantee you’ll be so glad you did . . .


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