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Ann Strong on Strong from Within

Ann talks about aligning our internal StrengthsFinder® strengths team by paying attention to our StrengthsFinder®  strengths within us.  When we also focus on consistently being and living our core values, we live Strong from Within.  As we commit to daily practices that nourish our body, mind, heart and spirit, we strengthen within.  Orienting our life and work around what sparks joy naturally evokes Strong from Within. 

Ann also touches on how living from the inside out strengthens us.  When we live from the knowing that we create our world by our thoughts and feelings, we give up the notion that we are victims of external circumstances.  We naturally thrive, Strong from Within.

Great value for or both StrengthsFinder® pros and StrengthsFinder® newbies . . .

Interviewed by Irma Vargas for the Be Your Own Leader Summit
August 1, 2015 (36 minutes)


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