Attracting Clients: The Conversation that Keeps Signing Up Clients (part I of II)

In Steve Chandler’s ebook, “How to Get Clients,” he reminds us over and over again that no one ever got a client without a conversation.

Yet, every day, I talk with coaches and other service professionals who want to know the best way to get clients WITHOUT having to talk with them!  They want to know how to create a better LinkedIn profile, what to write in their newsletter, how to get more traffic to their website, if they should write a book or ebook or my personal favorite: how they can use Law of Attraction.

While each of those activities could attract clients, they certainly won’t if we aren’t also excited about having the conversation that moves the potential client to hire us and become a client.  It’s also easy to fall into the trap of overwhelming ourselves with so much marketing and self-promotion that we have no time or energy left to have the quality conversations that lead to people hiring us.

Why does it feel so attractive to hide behind social media, our blog, our website, the articles we write?  Fear.  If we send out an ezine, it’ rare that we hear “no.”  We may see a few “unsubscribes” or have a low “open rate,” but we don’t have to hear, “I’m hiring someone else.”  Or, “I can’t afford you” (read: I don’t see enough value in what you offer.)

If we allow ourselves to step past the fear and into the conversation, if we don’t take a “no” as personal rejection, but rather practical information, then we have created a rich environment to focus on the potential client, which already increase the odds of them becoming a client . . .






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