Positive mental attitude in spite of myself (day 19)

Wow, so one of the best things about committing to doing something for 21 days involves having that focus even though “I don’t feel like it.”

I’ve had a challenging day with too many tech issues.  Some haven’t resolve.  Heck, some may never resolve!  And, because I promised myself in front of you all to keep a spiritual focus for 21 days, I press myself to get out the door and over to the park.

And then I start to feel better.  Those tech issues take a lesser role in the great big stage of my life as I walk through open space, lovingly greeted by friendly trees, a cool breeze and warm sun.

Praise God and Gaia . . . 

Deepening spiritual awareness while slenderizing (day 2)

In my fourth month of practicing kundalini yoga, I find myself extremely physically challenged. And humbled by being so bad! Yet, every time I’m rolling up my mat to go home, I know I have surrendered to some deeper spiritual awareness. Strangely, I’m not entirely sure what that means . . .

I just know I must keep going – for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. In the process of this spiritual awakening, I’m losing weight and belly fat!

Today, my teacher actually told me to get a hold of myself when I fell over while attempting a pose. She’s usually nurturing and encouraging, so I don’t know where that came from. Oddly, it didn’t offend me or hurt my feelings. And, I knew I would not be getting much together any time soon!

Ah, the rocky road to enlightenment . . .

Hey, I always thought that meant I would be more radiant. Maybe it means I’ll weigh less, too?!?