Creator/Owner Mindset: Getting Out of the Parking Lot of Life

To celebrate Independence Day, my sweetheart, Gary, and I decided to go up one of the foothill trails just outside of Denver at dusk to get the bird’s eye view of fireworks displays across the Denver metro area.

When we got to the trail parking lot, I was surprised to see people set up in the parking lot.  They had clearly decided the parking lot would be their vantage point to see whatever fireworks they could from there.  Since neither of us had been on this particular trail before, we debated if maybe these folks knew something we didn’t.  Should we watch from the parking lot, too?

Both of us felt we wanted to see what we could see from a higher perch.  So, we took a ten-minute hike up the trail and found a ridge that allowed us to see most of the metro area from Boulder in the north to Highlands Ranch in the south. We could see an area probably 50 miles wide and 35 miles across.

The view was incredible.  We saw maybe 20 major fireworks displays and dozens of minor ones.  The view encompassed more than either of us expected. We had a delightful evening.  As we came down the trail, I looked to see what the folks in the parking lot might have been able to see.

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What are your “fireworks” if you become willing to get out of the parking lot of life?

I was startled to realize that they could maybe have seen a quarter of what we saw.

Then, I realized how often in life we tend to cut ourselves short that way.  We almost didn’t take a ten-minute hike to have an unparalleled experience.

How often do we not do what it takes to get out of the parking lot of life?  How often do we settle for the parking lot, rather than venture up the trail – even a little way up the trail – to experience what we set out to experience?

In what area of your life might you commit to getting out of the parking lot?  What is your first step up the trail?

Feel free to post your commitments, first steps and insights in the comments section.

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