Getting to the bottom of Law of Attraction

I have had a desire for awhile now to get to the bottom of the Law of Attraction (LOA).  For many years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it.  

On the one hand:
I believe and know that like attracts like.  I do know that LOA is all about feeling, that the only reason I desire a red BMW or a red hot lover is so that I can feel something different than I feel without the car and the guy.  Maybe I believe I’ll feel more powerful with the car and more cherished and beautiful with the guy.  Jeannette Maw of, one of my favorite LOA coaches, says simply, “feel now how you would feel then.”

Okay, so I do something now that helps me feel powerful, cherished or beautiful, then along comes the car and the guy because like attracts like.  And, even if the car or the guy doesn’t arrive instantly, I have already gotten to feel more powerful, cherished and beautiful, which is what I felt I wanted in the first place.

On the other hand:
What I haven’t been so sure about:  if I feel groovy, skip and hum my way through life, feeling powerful, cherished and beautiful, then all good things will come to me?  What if the car turns out to be a pain?  Do I know that car is best for me?  Is my highest goal in life to feel good as much of the time as possible?  What do I do when I feel bad?

I found some answers that feel deeply true for me in the book, “The Translucent Revolution,” by Arjuna Ardagh . . .

He talks about translucent art not coming from the artist’s personality, but rather through it.  I realized that many of the things I would love to feel are for my personality rather than through it.  When I desire feeling powerful, cherished and beautiful, that satisfies my personality.  That’s where my unrest came in.  I just knew there was more.

Had I ever felt anything that came through my personality?

Yes.  Yes, I have.  Only a few times in my life, all in the past few years.  I felt a feeling so delicious, so complete, so peaceful, so powerful/cherished/beautiful all at once.  I can describe it only as Oneness and that description falls short. 

I felt it:

  • while reading a passage from “The Power of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle
  • after a lecture by Eli Bear
  • while test-driving a BMW
  • during some yoga classes
  • while spooning with my lover in syncronized breathing
  • while laying on the ground under a tree
  • during some Dances of Universal Peace
  • while soaking up the New Mexico desert
  • after reading a passage in “The Translucent Revolution.”

This feeling came through my personality, transcended my personality.  It feels so rich and so complete that it has become my most important intention to allow myself to feel that Oneness more and more.  I know it can be felt in any moment. 

The keys seem to be:

  • Allowing
  • Being fully present
  • Detachment

I have no idea if this is a complete list.  I am open to learning more.  I would love your input.  Have you experienced something like what I describe as Oneness?  What have you noticed allows you to experience it more frequently? 

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