Mindfulness: Playing to Play Instead of Playing to Win

How does it shift your experience of life if you play to play instead of playing to win?

For me the most wonderful and miraculous difference: when I play to play, I allow myself the simple perfection of being in the moment.  When I’m playing to win, I instead experience a subtle, and often not-so-subtle, anxiety about the future.  I also experience nagging thoughts about my worthiness.  If I don’t win, then I’m not good enough, right?  If I do win, how will I keep proving myself?


How great is it to be fully present in the moment, playing to play
without self-conscious concern about outcome?

So, with innocent curiosity and without judgment, would you like to experiment for yourself?

If so, for the next 24 hours, simply notice as you go through each of the activities of your day whether you are playing to play or playing to win?  Then, observe your thoughts about how you’re playing and observe what feelings those thoughts are generating.

To living our Radiance . . .

Feel free to post your comments, insights and experiences below.


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