The Amazingly Simple Way to Gain Clarity

Over and over again, clients come to coaching with me to gain clarity. Their number one desire, by far, involves experiencing clarity – both big picture clarity and day-to-day decision-making clarity. In all areas of their lives.

For all of us, clarity naturally occurs when we allow our minds to settle down and we are present in the moment. Take a couple of deep breaths into that. Ahhhh . . .

No multi-tasking, no screens, no running to the next thing. Without resisting what is. Simple quiet mind, present in the moment.

Recently, one of my new clients told me she wanted to experience un-jumbled-ness. What a wonderful way to put it. I could see and feel the jumbledness and I could see and feel it dissolving.

We all have access to clarity in any moment. And we may not have much experience in getting there because we first must override some habitual patterns that lead to jumbledness.

One of my favorite ways to invite clarity involves letting go until the morning. Almost always my mind is more settled and I am more present for the first few hours of the day.

Oh, the clarity that comes as the day settles into night . . .
Oh, the clarity that comes as the day settles into night . . .

One of my clients finds that clarity often comes to her while she’s walking her dog. Another client frequently experiences clarity while showering after a run.

If I’d like clarity around a small decision, like what to eat for lunch, I take a couple of deep breaths and tune into what my body wants.

If I don’t feel super clear and I need to make a decision, I make it with self-compassion and remind myself I’m doing the best I can in the moment. No need to shovel self-judgment into the jumble!

What about you? What allows your mind to settle? What allows you to become present in the moment? I would love to hear from you . . .

4 thoughts on “The Amazingly Simple Way to Gain Clarity”

  1. Dearest GG, you know I would not get clarity walking any dog either! And, how fun that we all have different ways . . . I love your clarity about receiving clarity through movement – some movement – as in dancing, rather than driving! 🙂 I think that may happen for me too. I’m going to pay attention now.

  2. Ken, I love the direct simplicity of Clarity Happens. I also hear it in my head as a fun command, like “Open sesame.”

  3. Stillness AND Movement. For me, it’s polar opposites that lead me to clarity. As usual. 😉 Complete stillness will most often bring clarity (silence help too!), as well as movement (as in shaking, dancing or walking — not movement as in driving and rushing from appointment to appointment). Both, lead me back to me becoming present to my breath and my body. For me….Clarity = Being present to ME! (PS….I love the mention of differences. I am quite certain the walking of a dog would not bring me clarity….unless it was clarity of the precense of frustration and anxiety). ❤. gg

  4. One of my favorite lines is “Clarity happens.” When I tell myself that, I feel that I am both opening the door to allow clarity in and also reminding myself that if clarity isn’t here yet it probably will be soon. As for specific practices, I don’t seem to have one. What seems to work best for me is simply noticing whether or not I have clarity, and trusting that it will show up soon when I don’t have it in the moment.


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