Spiritual Clarity: Have You Really Given Up?

Recently I noticed that some of what I most deeply desire, I keep moving toward no matter what.  And, in other areas of my life where I also truly would love something, I say I would love it, yet my behavior indicates I’ve given up.

In my business, I keep moving toward greater ways to serve and offer more value.  No matter what.  I constantly invest my time, money and focus in growing myself and in growing my business.  If something works well, I leverage it.  If something doesn’t work well, I reassess, look for the learning and consciously choose the next leg of my journey.

When I wanted to lose 20 pounds, I started walking regularly and committed to eating less sugar.  That didn’t work for me.  My perceived sugar deprivation backfired and I ate MORE sugar for awhile. I also didn’t lose any weight.  I wasn’t sure what to do next, but I was still committed.  Shortly after that I felt inspired to begin practicing Kundalini yoga.  Eighteen months later I had lost 23 pounds because I had committed to finding the way that would work for me.

Shortly after I got divorced eight years ago, I realized I wanted to meet and marry my fourth and final husband – my soul mate and beloved life partner.  Today, I still have that desire, yet I haven’t invested my time, money or focus and I haven’t done the inner and outer work to bring that desire into reality.

I now see that I hadn’t made the commitment to do whatever it takes to meet my beloved because I hadn’t believed it could happen.  I had given up.  I hadn’t been willing to give up the short-term gratification relationships that work in a couple of areas for the long-term huge gain of the amazing romantic relationship I sometimes glimpse.  In one of the most important aspects of my life, I’d settled for something being better than nothing.

It’s been hard to admit I had given up.  The good news about finally admitting it is that I now have the real opportunity to commit to what I desire with my beloved in the same way I did with my business and my weight.  So, I am taking the first steps . . .

What about you?  In what area of your life is the reality far from what you desire?  When you take a deep breath and then tell yourself the truth, do you believe it’s possible?  No judgment here, just compassionate reflection.

We all have the opportunity to begin again in this very moment.  In what area of your life have you given up?  Would you be willing to
courageously begin again?
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