Spiritual Growth: Choosing from Your Divinity or Your Small Self?

Last week, we talked about experiencing our own divinity.

As we begin to play with these concepts, we will have new choices to make. As we are in the process of deciding what to choose, we can now ask ourselves questions like:

– Am I choosing from my infinite, Divine Self or my limited, small self?

– As I choose, which option moves me in the direction of Love, which feeds my fear?

– If I choose from my limited human self, what are the consequences of not choosing from my divinity? (Ask this with as much compassion and as little self-criticism as you can.)

– If I choose the option that comes from lack, limitation and scarcity, am I willing to accept the consequences (ideally without self-judgment)?

Spiritual growth, transformation, clear intention: choosing from your divinity or your small self?
When we create a spiritual growth practice of consciously choosing from our divinity rather than our small self, translucence and transformation are inevitable . . .

Look at big picture consequences as well as the consequences right in front of you. For example, I noticed one of the big picture consequences of me not keeping some of my business commitments because I got overwhelmed involved attracting potential new clients with the same limited, human “issue.”

They initially felt excited to work with me, but didn’t hire me because they realized they felt overwhelmed. One had a full-time job, an ongoing “project” with her grown daughter and a time-consuming volunteer position. Another had debt to repay. Another had two young children and a teenage stepson.

While each of these situations is legitimate, they are our human excuses. Each of these women came to me wanting to grow their businesses (a divine impulse) and then backed away because their overwhelm, a subset of human fear, kicked in. We all (me included) allowed our small selves to choose instead of being willing to step up to allowing/creating the divine solution that includes the human circumstances of our lives AND our divine dreams.

Consequence: for all of us, we turned away an opportunity to live and work more from our divinity. Consequence: for all of us, we gave away an opportunity to serve more clients in making more choices from our divinity.

Excerpted from my forthcoming book, “Thriving Work: 90 days of daily practice to transforming you and your business.” 
Copyright 2011.

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  1. So I see you are writing about me 2 years before you met me….nice! Part of your coaching assignments should be reading your blog!


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