Spiritual Growth: So It Just Happened to You?

For the past year and a half, I have been creating my own self-directed PhD program to take greater and greater ownership of my life and business.

I just recently fleshed out a simple, what seems minor, powerful distinction that may really serve you, too.

My coach Jeff, heard me saying to him, “my (you fill in the blank) has changed.”  He asked me how I could take greater ownership of what I had just said.

It took me a minute before I realized that what I had said is weak language, taking little ownership.  WHO changed (you fill in the blank)?  As soon as I realized I am the one who had made the change, I could feel my whole being strengthen and clarify.

This change wasn’t just “happening” to me.  I made a change.  I created my life with that change.

This so powerful to get in our bones because as we truly KNOW that we are changing our lives and businesses, then we can create more change – to whatever we choose.  If we consciously choose it, rather than passively react to whatever comes our way.

To use this distinction in your life and business, simply start by listening to your complaints and choose to create something new in the area of your complaint.  

Are you tired of always being tired?  Choose to create more vitality.  Would you like more clients?  Choose to create more clients?  A different type of client?  Clearly choose who you’d like to work with!  Would you love to be having more fun?  Create fun, be fun.  

Is it that simple?  Yes.  Easy? Maybe, maybe not.  But it does start with taking full ownership to create something better in your world.

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