Stress Relief: Fast Way to Slow Down

Recently almost all of my private clients required new tools for stress relief.  I’d already been employing a couple of new ones myself and I’d like to share my favorite from an excellent “Westword” article about Lisa Wimberg’s, “Five Fast Ways to Slow Down Quickly.”

2. Shake
Imagine the particular stressors of the day and while thinking of these, shake your hands, shoulders and legs as though you are shaking off a swarm of bees. Do this for at least two minutes. You may feel awkward or embarrassed, but shaking like this while activating stress helps dissipate the adrenaline levels in our body associated with that event. It leaves the body feeling calmer, and helps bring down adrenaline and cortisol levels.

To read the other four of Lisa Wimberger’s five fast ways to slow down quickly, click here to read Lisa’s article.

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