Thriving Coaches: What causes you to?

“As the sunflower naturally looks toward the sun
And the begonia naturally thrives in the shade.

As the flowers do not tell themselves
That they “should” be able to thrive in the shade
when they need the sun,
Or try to thrive in the sun
when its rays cause them to wilt,

I, too, allow myself to thrive where I thrive,
Without trying to make myself engage
in that which drains me.”

– Ann Strong
From “Doing Only Me”
In the book, Thriving Work

Thriving Work

Yesterday, during her coaching session, one of my clients was thrilled to put in place “some structure in which to flow.”  In the process of discovering what naturally and specifically causes her to thrive, she realized something that almost didn’t make sense.

Structure to allow flow.  Hmmm . . .

How great is that?  That is exactly what she needs.

What about you?  As you are creating and discovering your thriving coaching business, what naturally and specifically causes you to thrive?

I invite you to share your thoughts and insights in the Comments section below.

To your thriving coaching business,

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